Workout Gear Wishlist

Ohhhh yea, my new sneakers. I feel so legit.

It has happened. After 3 months of serious working out, I have become officially addicted to it. Like addicted as in- "What do you mean we have an 8:30am call when I get out of pilates at 7:30am? You want me to cancel?!" Who knew I would actually become super into fitness again after I quit swimming? NOT ME. 

Oh awkward, someone took my photo leaving the gym again.

Anyways, now that I have become a pilates/spinning/yoga/gym rat, I have become really into the related ensembles, naturally. You all know that I scored this amazing ThomasKelly workout tank recently and finally, after much searching, the Nike's pictured above. However, despite these recent acquisitions, I am still feeling like a poser. I am simply not looking cool enough.

I need to do what any sane woman would do and SHOP. My fingertips have done some major research and here are the pieces I'm currently craving.

Lululemon Practice Freely Tank

Nike Half-Zip

GapFIT Breathe Top

Old Navy Workout Top

Nike Running Capris 

GapFit gFast Leggings

GapFit gFast Capris

Any other great pieces you all think I should consider? 


  1. Have you heard of Lorna Jane? They are my new workout gear go-to...dare I say better than Lulu? Check them out-

  2. I know I'm probably going to be scoffed at for saying this - but I LOVE Gap workout gear even more then my Lululemon!

  3. Agree with just... I love my gap leggings. Well priced well made and I always get told I look thin. Oh! and not see-through.


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