Easter Sunday

All my favorites.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and for those of you that celebrated Easter, a lovely Easter Sunday. My fiance and I do celebrate Easter and subsequently, Lent. I gave up sweets and TC gave up hot sauce (it was a major feat for both of us). While giving up sweets was good for my waistline, I could not WAIT until Sunday to chow down on some of my favorite candies and cookies. 

Getting those chaturangas in before breakfast.

To be fair, before the binge eating began, we headed to our favorite yoga class to get some exercise in. Afterwards we headed to tea with a friend and then hopped home (see what I did there) for some major gluttony. TC made candied bacon (OMG!!) which we paired with some mimosas. 

Candied bacon aka heaven on a plate.

I tried balance my meal with egg whites but something tells me it hardly made up for the macaroons and Cadbury Mini-Eggs I also indulged in. Oh well, it was one day of deserved gluttony and we'll be back to the healthy eating today because let's be honest, my stomach was FREAKING KILLING ME RIGHT YESTERDAY.

Yep, this happened, don't judge.

What about all of you? Did you all indulge this weekend?

Xo J


  1. I for SURE had too much Easter candy (and cadbury mini eggs like yours... why are those the BEST?!). "Hoppy" Easter (sorry, had to!)

  2. Look at all that candy! I can't wait to dig into mine after work today

  3. I love those Reese's eggs! My parents got me candy, but I've hidden it all until AFTER I get back from my upcoming vacation!

  4. aah- yum!


  5. Umm let's get serious...candied bacon? Where on earth did you find such goodness? My husband would die!!

    1. We made it! Just coat raw bacon in maple sugar + paprika and bake for 15-20 mins. YUMMMMM!

      Xo j


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