Design Envy: Palm Beach Retreat

As you all may remember, I recently featured Christin Carron of the Luxe Report here as part of our Design Envy series and promised that you would be seeing her partner's palace soon too. So here today I am sharing with you Lauren Kukkanaa's Palm Beach digs. Christin and Lauren have such similar styles, it's great to see that translated into two separate homes. I'll take one of each please! Please join me in a tour of Lauren's stunning Palm Beach Retreat!

  • When did you all move into your home? July 2008, hard to believe almost 5 years!
  • How did you two approach the design? Was there a vision? Did one of you take the lead? Luxe Report Designs is about embracing old Palm Beach glamour, while maintaining a current sophistication by incorporating clean, modern lines and a bold, but simple color palette.
  • Did you have to undertake major renovations or was the home move-in ready? We were fortunate to purchase the home preconstruction so it was brand new! Our home was built in the Key West style, with a metal roof and a huge front porch!
  • Were there any major challenges you had to overcome? Yes! Unlike Christin's amazing Mediterranean abode, our preconstruction home equated to a severe lack in character. We've made it our mission to slowly bring character into the home through wood floors, tile backsplash, custom island, moldings, etc.
  • Were there any things that one of you said ABSOLUTELY NOT about? Not really, except I did recently put the kibosh on a tv for our outdoor living space. The space is right next to our indoor family room, which meant two tvs side by side! And as nice as it would be to watch tv outside (golf in my husband's case), it is really nice to not have a tv on while we enjoy that space! And would you believe, I think my husband now agrees!
  • What were the mandatories? Wood floors were top on our to-do list. Our contractor actually beat us to the house after closing to start ripping up all the carpet! We were hesitant on the pool at first because our community has two pools, but now we couldn't imagine our backyard without it. 

  • What are your top 2 favorite things in your home? 
    • Again, the backyard. When we moved in, it was just a small patch of grass that would never really serve any purpose. There's nothing like having outdoor living in Florida and the redesign of our backyard gave us a new dining and living space. Not to mention a great little pool and a deck to take sun! 

    • Second would probably be my son's nursery. It was so much fun to design, and the room has such a cozy peacefulness to it. I love hanging out in there.

  • Any design tips? Don't be afraid of white walls! There's nothing we love more than starting with a crisp, clean white palette and adding color from there. Sometimes through paint and wallpapers, but usually through fun fabrics.


  1. What a beautiful home!

  2. What a stunning place! I love the way it's designed..the details are awesome and it feels "beachy" without being cheesy!

  3. Perfect in every way. Love that nursery!

  4. Nothing looks more luxurious than a perfectly placed Ceramic Vessel in the living room!

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