Summer Bridesmaid Styling - The Dress

Dress 1, Dress 2, Dress 3, Dress 4 (no longer available), Dress 5

Recently, one of my friends hired me to style her for her brother's summer wedding. The June Chicago wedding will be a casual affair with the ceremony being held in an old church and the reception will be in a vintage furniture warehouse. Sounds amazing right? 

Well here is where the plot thickens. My friend was chosen as the one and only bridesmaid and asked to wear cherry red. Now red is a color not everyone can pull off. As someone with very similar coloring as my friend, I knew that finding just the right shade would be key. 

My friend and I worked together on a mini-brief for the assignment which included things like sizes, budget, watch-outs, etc. Although she gave me very clear guardrails, I find that it helps to see options to narrow the focus. I mean, I cannot be the only person whose wedding dress is completely different than what they had in my mind originally ;)

Here are some of the dresses that I virtually pulled for my friend (above and below). As you can see, they are all classic in their pursuits as that is very much my friend's style.

Dress 6 (no longer available), Dress 7 (no longer available), Dress 8, Dress 9

Dress 10, Dress 11, Dress 12

After seeing all of the options, my friend decided on the dress below. Very elegant and fun a la the incredible Audrey Hepburn! 

Up next are the shoes. Check back in in the next couple of weeks to see the options I pulled and which she chose!


  1. Love it! As I was reading, I picked #2, #6 and #12 as my top three :)

  2. Great choices! Can you share where dresses #7 and #11 are from?! Love 'em

    1. Just updated the post with links. Happy shopping! :)

  3. You know, the one she picked was my favorite overall so what wonderful taste we all must have! I love the bold color choice by the bride for her bridal party member. Different in a good way.

  4. So many pretty options! I love the one you guys selected. The deep red is so gorgeous, and it screams wedding!

  5. omg- i think this is my favorite too!!! where from?! i have to try it on!!! GORGEOUS!! love the bow and high neck. so classic!!!! :)


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