Lauren's Looks for Less - Sienna Miller

Black lace - when worn wrong, it can either make you look like a stripper or like you're on your way to your funeral. But, in Sienna Miller's case, it can also make you look adorable. I love Sienna (homewrecker or not) and the way she took a fabric that can be very heavy/overwhelming and made it look fresh and light is awesome. 

I think it's mostly the shape of the dress and the bare legs - gives me inspiration to try the look at one of the many fun weddings I have this summer. Here is a a steal of an option I found online:

Express Lace Fit and Flare Dress: $88

Wearing this dress with a peek-a-boo open toe shoe makes it totally appropriate for warmer weather. Might have to get my credit card out for this one (as if it's not saved on 99 different websites...tricksters make it so easy)!

French Connection Dream Pumps: $130

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