Wedding Planning 101: Important Milestones

Well it has been quite a bit of time (since January YIKES) since I have updated you all on the wedding planning. Since we spoke last time, we have passed some very exciting milestones that I thought I'd share.

Go big or go home.


  • Back in November, I got my wedding dress in LA with my mom. I only went to one store and bought like the seventh dress I tried on. Believe me, I am as shocked as you probably are. What can I say, when you know, you know!
  • A few weeks ago I went for my first official fitting which was so exciting! I don't want to give away too much, but I had some fairly major alterations, so it was great to try the dress on with those changes :) I have also secured my shoes so it's fun to see the whole look start to come together.

I love how classic and pretty these invites are.

  • Last week we ordered our wedding invitations and we got to see proofs this week. When I opened the email, I admittedly shrieked with joy- they were exactly what we wanted!

Ahhhh stunning!

  • Back in January, we visited a rental warehouse with our wedding planner and got to design the tablescapes for the reception. I absolutely loved being able to see how different plates, linens, glasses, etc all worked together in real life. TC liked it too, for about an hour. Luckily he had his phone to entertain him for the next two hours!

Welp, we might just have to copy this idea.

  • This week we got to see a draft of our reception menu! We had shared some ideas of what we were thinking about with our wedding planner but to see the menu come to life was so amazing. We're making some tweaks (more bacon!) and we cannot wait to be able to try all of the yummy options.
  • Speaking of tastings, we scheduled some time in May to go cake tasting. I mean, do I really need to explain why this is exciting? :)

We've still got quite a bit of work to do, but it's great to get these things under our belts. Up next are our bachelor/bachelorette parties. I cannot wait for some major fun in the sun with my besties come May!!

Yes, this is the invitation to my bachelorette party. Do I not have the best Best Man ever?!!

PS any other brides-to-be or ladies who just love weddings here? May I suggested the LOVERLY app? My good friend Kellee is the founder and the app just went on sale in the app store last night. You can get it here. Enjoy!!


  1. i covet that bachelorette party swag! good luck!

  2. So exciting! Marking things off the to-do list always feels great! Make sure you schedule a couple extra bakeries for cake tasting...just because :)

  3. So so so exciting! The cake tasting (and food tasting) was BY FAR my fave part of the planning. And I cannot wait to see the shoes and dress!!

  4. Best bachelorette invite ever?!?! Love that so much. Good luck with the rest of planning ! :)

  5. What a wonderful bachelorette invite. I love what he (?) did there. So sweet and fun! I am enjoying seeing you put all of this together, yay!!

  6. Congratulations! It really seems like you are enjoying the planning - good for you! It should be a wonderful time in your life!

  7. Food, cake and wine tasting were my favorite part in the whole preparation of the wedding too! I was a bit stressed with all the planning even with my wedding planner by my side but i'm glad everything went well. Best of luck to you and enjoy the rest of the planning!


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  9. I am excited about the bachelor/bachelorette parties! Enjoy the cake tasting! It is one of the best parts in the planning! Enjoy the rest of your planning! I can't wait till the big day. Congratulations!


  10. Beautiful flower arrangement and wedding invitation.

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