It's the most wonderful time of the year!!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our home!

Okay, before we talk about the holidays, let's get straight to the gossip. Did everyone watch Liz & Dick last night?! You know I sure did. It was the train wreck that I just couldn't look away from. Sure, I had a post to write, work to do and a bag to unpack but there was something about this movie that I couldn't look away from. Was it the stunning costumes and gorgrous sets? Nope, it was the star performance of one Lindsay Lohan. Since we try to only make fun of ourselves here at Tartan & Sequins, I'll just say that Liz & Dick is a must-see. It's sort of the gift that keeps on giving ;)

Our Christmas tree last year!

Speaking of gifts, IT'S MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR!! As I mentioned here, I freaking LOVE the holidays. Specifically, Christmas. I raced back home from LA yesterday so that we could go get our Christmas tree as soon as possible. Sadly, my fiancĂ© had to work so we weren't able to get the tree yet, but that didn't stop me from hanging our (new) stockings and wrapping some presents. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!

Last year's gifts. Of course they were tartan!

What I love most about Christmas, aside from the decorating and festive food, is being able to give gifts (of course I love to receive them too but that's not the point). While this year won't be as big as others as I'm currently DI-challenged, I love searching for and finding the perfect gifts for the ones I love. My family and fiancĂ© are pretty good about lists but I always try to find one thing, even if it's small, that's not on their lists to surprise them with. I can't reveal too much, but I'd just like to say I have some pretty cool surprises :) 

What about you all? Any great gifts you all have up your sleeves?!

Xo J


  1. I love trying to pull together DIY gifts...I have a few ideas up my sleeve this Christmas (provided they actually pan out)...also, I have to agree with Liz & Dick. I was laughing my butt off–which I'm pretty sure wasn't the intention!

    The Glossy Life


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