Girl Crush of the Week: Alex Kaehler of Things That Sparkle

You know those bloggers that you know of where you feel like, if you lived in the same city, you would totally be friends? I'm going to go ahead and say that Alex Kaehler, of the wonderful blog Things That Sparkle, is totally one of those bloggers! Alex is totally sweet and fabulous, not to mention inspiring. Several years ago, she ditched her 9-5er to follow her passion, interior design. Judging my her beautiful portfolio and positive attitude, I'd say she made the right choice!!

Please join me in getting to know the fabulous Alex Kaehler!
  • Style icons? Interiors would have to be Windsor Smith and Mary McDonald. Fashion Olivia Palermo hands down.
  • Design philosophy? Invest in things you'll love forever and spend a lot less on the trends.
  • Favorite book of all time? Ohhh this is tough. I weirdly love historical fiction, I'd say my favorite book is Charm School by Nelson Demille.
    Oh this living room? It's Alex's. See what I mean about stunning interior design?!
  • Best advice you ever received? Do something that feeds your soul. Courtesy of my momma.
  • Favorite stores? Shopbop, does that count?

  • Dream place to live? Paris.
  • The one product you're obsessed with right now? Fresh lipgloss/chapstick. It's heaven.

    I cannot even say how much I love this room. Alex has re-decorated I think twice already since I started following her. Every time it gets even more amazing!! Oh and she DIYed those nightstands. WHAT?!

  • Biggest indulgence? Nice sheets. Such a necessity for someone that loves their bed as much as I do.
  • Girl crush? Rachel Bilson. She's precious.
  • Favorite song? Ever?? Wrapped by George Strait, also the first dance at my wedding!
What an adorable cowboy!
  • Prized possession? My puppy son, Maverick. A giant yellow lab.
  • Current hangout? My cozy living room with a fire.
  • Best place on earth? Home. I am such a homebody.
  • Favorite drink? In the summer vodka lemonade. In the winter cider and whiskey. YUM.
Photo Credit: Martha Stewart


  1. Thanks so much for the sweet feature girls. It was so much fun!!! xo

  2. Love! Alex is super adorable and so talented!

  3. Absolutely LOVE her. Her eye for design is MAJOR...she is a definite girl crush!! XoXo

  4. i was just on her blog and love it! ps love your vintage fur post below! Hugs from California! xx,
    The Golden Girls

  5. She is so cute!! I need to check our her blog for sure!

  6. Oh my word that is the cutest puppy picture ever! Love her blog!


  7. Love love love this post! The western puppy wearing cowboy boots is soooo adorable--and I agree, there is nothing better than a cozy fire at home!!!

    Loving your blogs..tartanandsequins & thingsthatsparkle,

    -Lauren at adorn la femme


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