How We Stye It: The Trench Coat

I still remember the first day we met. It was a cold, rainy day in May and I was shopping in Union Square. I walked by him and WHAM, it was love at first sight. I am referring to the black trench below of course.

Allison remembers seeing her Grandmother Lillian's pale blue-grey leather trench with a fur collar for the first time when she was in high school. She had just read The Fountainhead for the first time (it's been her favorite book since), and fell in love with her Grandmother's trench, thinking that it was SO Dominique Francon. Similarly, when she saw the tan trench below, it felt very Dagny Taggart, a character in Allison's second favorite book, Atlas Shrugged. That's the great thing about a fantastic trench coat - it has the potential to elevate your whole look and make you feel like the epitome of classic, polished chic.

As our trench coats have become staples in both our wardrobes, we wanted to show you a few of ways we style them. God bless our men for being patient and taking the photos.

Burberry Trench (similar), Louis Vuitton Neverfull, Jcrew Denim Shirt (similar), Jcrew Minnie Pants
Kate Spade Necklace, Steven Nude Heels, Jcrew and Spike The Punch Bracelets
Grandmother's pale blue-grey leather trench with (what I believe is) fox fur collar, 
Great-Great Grandmother's pearls, Claridge + King CrewJ.Crew Pixie Pants,  
Michael Kors Odin flats in Nude, Chanel Sunnies, Grandmother's tan clutch

Burberry Trench (similar), Louis Vuitton Speedy 35, Zara Boatneck Shirt, Old Navy Military Vest,
Jcrew Toothpick Cords, Banana Republic Necklace, Banana Republic Wellies,
Jcrew, Spike The Punch and Lilly Pulitzer Bracelets

Banana Republic Trench (similar), Old Navy Blue and White Striped 3/4 sleeve dress (similar),
Hunter Black Glitter WelliesMarc Jacobs Quinn bag, J. Crew flowered pashmina,
Grandmother's necklace, Chanel sunnies


  1. these are just great!!! i love a trench too because they're so versatile. and i love the two different aesthetics you each bring to yours!


  2. I'm so obsessed with the comparison to Dagny and Dominique - my two favorite books as well :) Looking good ladies!

  3. Y'all are ADORABLE!! Love a good trench! xoxox

    1. thank you julia, love your name ;) also, you blog is adorable! I'm going to be pinning like a madwoman!

      xo jb

  4. Generations of great style. Love this!

  5. Julia - Don't I get a credit as shopping assistant?? I think I encouraged you to go a size smaller!

  6. Love the many trenches! Which season is the Banana Republic one from?


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