We all know its important to stay healthy. What healthy means to each of us varies of course, but there are some universal truths also. One of which is how important exercise is. While we all may know that, putting it into practice is a whole different story. I myself have trouble keeping up with it. I'll be really good for about a month and then WHAM, I get really busy and its game over.

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So when I heard about my friend Blake Samic's #30min365 movement, I was intrigued. In 2010, Blake decided to work out 30 minutes every day, for a year straight. He completed it (I know, can you believe it?!) and is doing the same in 2012. I saw him post about it for 2012 and decided to join the challenge. While I was a competitive swimmer for over a decade, the thought of now delving into a year-long challenge terrified me. But I went for it. Why? Because I am held accountable. No turning back now!

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And lets not forget that once the workout is over, you can still look chic with these options here


  1. i wish this motivated me.

    maybe if i tattoo it on my forehead backwards i would get the message.



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