Be Prepared for Blustery Days

The weather San Francisco this past week has left me wishing for the warm LA days I left behind. Its been cold, rainy and dark.

This type of weather makes it REAL HARD to look cute. Luckily though, there are a couple of saving graces- trench coats and wellies. There will be a post later this week on trench coats, but for today, lets chat wellies (rain boots).

Wellies come in a variety of styles but I find that my favorites are grouped into three categories- quilted, solid and plaid. Check out my top picks for each below:
Aigle Jumping II Boots

Hunter Original High Gloss Boot
Goode Rider Rubber Wellies

Juicy Couture Emily Boot
Burberry Back Zip Rain Boots

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Rossalyn II Boot


  1. <3 this post on wellies, I wear them awkwardly frequently even when there is no rain in sight to feel ultra-indestructible.

    1. i love this! how many pairs do you have ally?


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