The Ladies of Tartan & Sequins

Many years ago, in a land far far away, two girls met at a fine institution named Miami University. While they got along fabulously, there were great divides in their relationship. By great divides I mean only being in different sororities and having different majors. Once college ended these two girls went their separate ways with one off to LA and one off to Chicago.

Then a funny thing happened several years later. By the power of Facebook, the ladies reconnected. What started out as the occasional like on a mobile upload or comment turned into something much much more. The girls now can’t go a few hours with out emailing or texting each other over the every kind of fabulous or hilarious thing- “OMG did you see the lucite trunk on sale at OKL today?!” “Looked in my purse and saw a Hunger Games book and miniature megaphone... the book’s mine but no recollection of the megaphone.”

After quite a bit of time going back and forth, one of the girls had an idea. Why not create a blog to share all of this fabulousness with the world. When she asked the other if she would like to start a blog together, the answer was an resounding “I FEEL LIKE YOU JUST ASKED ME TO MARRY YOU.” And with that, Tartan & Sequins was born!


  1. Girls, this is freaking adorable!!! I CANNOT wait to see more posts :) xoxo

  2. Oh you are so sweet thank you! We'll have to do a feature on organizing soon! Xo J


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