Wedding Planning 101: 2 Months Out

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With almost two months until our wedding, things have come a long way since my last wedding update. The invitations have gone out (BIG thanks to my mother to hand-addressed them all), and the RSVPs are beginning to roll in. The reception menu has been finalized (I'm getting hungry just thinking about it) and the favors will arrive tomorrow. Almost everything is squared away for the rehearsal dinner.

For the ensembles, my fiancé is all set (and looking very handsome if I don't say so myself) and the bridesmaids have almost all received their dresses. They look simply adorable. A big thank you goes to the ladies at Weddington Way for being so wonderful and helpful with the bridesmaid dresses.

As for me, I went for my wedding dress fitting on Saturday and it fit like a glove! I brought tons of jewelry and accessories to see what worked best. The lovely ladies at Happily Ever Borrowed sent me some goodies to try as well (more on that later), which was amazing. I actually had even had my hair trial the night before so I was able to, for the most part, see the full look together. Check out my Pinterest board for some of the looks I tried. Now I just have to get to work on buffing up these arms of mine ;)

So what's left? Here is the challenge about wedding planning- who the eff knows? There are so many unknowns. I'm sure something major will pop up that I had no clue about. The good news is that, with just two months to go, the end is in sight! I get to be married to my BFF and have one heck of a party. 

Any advice for the final stretch?

Xo J


  1. well, we're getting married saturday and just yesterday i realized we didn't have a cake stand. so i had to deal with that today (easy enough though--we're renting one through our cake vendor). it's gonna be weird shit like that. good luck withe verything!!

  2. 2 months!!! so soon!! can't wait to see more details - looks like you have almost everything done, but as you said, I'm sure little things will sneak up! we can't even figure out a rehearsal dinner space.... and the grooms parents are in Chicago w. the wedding in Atlanta so I have no idea how we are going to arrange that??


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