Casual Summer Saturday

Sincere apologies for the lack of postings last week. Everything about this wedding is really kicking my a** and I'm exhausted 99% of the time. So instead of phoning it in to get more posts up, I'd rather post when I'm really inspired or have a cute look to share. Bear with me friends, I'm in the final push!
Target Sunnies (similar), Soft Joie Dress, Mossimo Sandals, J.Crew Chambray Shirt

On Saturday, we were running around doing, what else, but wedding errands. It was really nice out so I decided to bust out this Soft Joie dress. It is probably the softest and most comfortable thing I own! Originally purchased as a cover-up, I love that I can throw a denim shirt over it and it's fit for public consumption. I can't wait for more warm days to wear more dresses!


  1. Love this combo–I've been living in the same type of look!

  2. Oh the stresses of wedding planning! I remember when I first got married and I was like "OMG- what am I going to do with all of this free time?!". Enjoy the final push because it only happens once.

    1. haha seriously i cannot wait to have free time again :)


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