Versatile Vest

One time in college, I wore a vest with a tank top underneath it to class. The second I sat down, one of my guy friends tapped me on the shoulder and asked me if I got attacked by the sleeve monster. That was the last time I wore a vest without sleeves.

However, recently, I have been seeing tons of stylish ladies rocking the moto vest + tank look. I wasn't sure I could pull it off due to my traumatic experience the last time I tried to rock it, but since I already had the vest, it was low risk. I went with an all-black look paired with hot pink lips and my teal suede shoes for drinks with my friend Bonnie.

Silence & Noise Moto Vest, Velvet Tank, BDG Jeans, Zara Heels
Dooney & Bourke Bag, Maybelline Lip Gloss

Interested in trying this trend too? Here are some of my favorite moto vests out now :)

Xo J


  1. This vest is awesome on you. I love how it's just a little bit tough!

  2. Leave it to guys to be confused by girls' fashion. I LOVE the vest. What size did you purchase?

  3. You definitely rocked it! I love the all black with the bright shoes!

    XO, Gina


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