Summer Tabletops

While some parts of wedding planning really suck, there are also some parts that are really awesome. For example, getting gifts. We've already gotten a few items and let me tell you, it makes the mile-long to-do list for the wedding seem bearable :) The majority of things we've gotten have been for the dining room/kitchen and when I saw the photo above on Pinterest, I was really excited for our new tabletops. Here are some photos I'll be using for inspiration. Clearly, I am very into blues and pinks this summer...

How cute is this mini-gingham?

Tory Burch's tabletop is a preppy dream.

LOVE the combo of gold and coral.

This floral tablecloth is just too pretty.

What about you all, any tabletops inspiring you lately?

Xo J


  1. Amazing. I really love the first photo - it is so perfect, so elegant! I am totally useless at serving, but I do want to learn, so inspirational photos are something I am grateful for.

  2. Pink and blue are always my favorites!So cute!

  3. I love the bright blue–so pretty!


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