Girl Crush of the Week: Meredith Reilly of The Social Chair

Today's Girl Crush of the Week comes to us from my alma mater, Miami University. I don't know why Miami girls are so awesome- must have been all the Bagel & Deli we ate and the Mind Probes we drank. One of the most awesome? Meredith Reilly. In college, Meredith was the Social Chair of her sorority (Delta Gamma just like Allison) and now heads up a blog of the same name. She is super fun, preppy and someone I think you'll all enjoy getting to know. Please allow me to introduce Meredith Reilly of The Social Chair as today's Girl Crush of the Week!

Meredith and her fiancĂ©, Paul, literally RIGHT after they got engaged.
I would also like to discuss Paul's awesome pink blazer when the moment is right Meredith and how I can secure one for TC.

  • Style icons? Kate Middleton for sure. She has such a beautiful, classic, and effortless style (pregnant or not!). I also love seeing what Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Aniston are wearing. My Mom also has amazing taste in fashion and is my top shopping partner.  
  • Favorite book? Earlier this year I read The Happiness Project based off a recommendation from Natalie’s blog (Designer Bags & Dirty Diapers), and I absolutely loved it! It’s full of practical and useful information on how to get the most happiness out of life, and also served as such an excellent reminder to soak in the good moments and not sweat the small stuff (something I’ve been guilty of before!). I can’t recommend this book enough.
  • Favorite perfume? I love Bond No. 9’s products! My all time favorite is their West End scent. The flagship store in NYC (on Bond Street no less) is always on my list of must-do’s when I’m up there. 
  • Interior design philosophy? My interior design philosophy is still evolving. Paul (my fiancĂ©) and I are renting right now with the hopes of buying our own place in the next year or so. Interior decorating is something I hope to hone in on over the next few years, and is something I’m pretty excited about! You can see on my Pinterest board that I am a fan of crisp whites and blues, traditional elements with a pop here and there of something a little unexpected.   
Meredith and her fiance, Paul, in Bermuda (LUCKY).
  • Best "hidden gem" store? My twin sister and I went to separate colleges, which meant lots and lots of trips to visit each other! She went to UVA in Charlottesville, VA, and worked at this darling store called Finch. We would undoubtedly shop there when I came to visit her at school and now whenever we’re in town for a football game I stop in and almost always walk away with something new! The owner brings in a lot of beautiful dresses and accessories from designers you can’t really find elsewhere.  
  • Must-have beauty product? I swear by both CeraVe’s AM and PM lotions. I learned early on that daily SPF is an important step in my beauty routine. I also just discovered BB cream and am loving it! It serves as such a great platform for the rest of my make-up (which always includes at least a swipe of both mascara and blush).  
  • Favorite song? I’m currently obsessed with Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise,” and have declared it my anthem for summer! All time favorite songs include Wagon Wheel, almost anything by Pat McGee or Pat Green, and I have been known to belt out a few 80’s classics and Boy Band numbers.  
  • Secret addiction? Guilty pleasure TV! Each week my girlfriends and I gather to watch either the Bachelor or Bachelorette (we’re excited to watch Des find her true love this season! Haha). I also love almost all of the Real Housewives, with OC, NY, and Beverly Hills as my top favorites.  
Meredith with her twin sister and mom.
  • Quote to live by? “Do unto others as you would have done unto you” -- I try to keep that in mind for both big and small gestures (from holding doors open to being a shoulder to cry on when a loved one needs it). Also, “kill ‘em with kindness,” is motto I learned from one of my best friends in college, and is always a good tactic.  
  • Favorite drink? I start off the day with a cup of coffee and then water all day long until happy hour! I can never say no to a nice cold glass of white wine, a good Malbec, or a margarita!  
  • My bracelet stack isn't complete without... A watch! Am I old school for still using a watch to check the time? I usually wear my Michelle watch, given to me by my parents this Christmas, or a silver & gold watch I got for my 25th birthday. I wear one of those every day. 
  • I get my sweat on by... Usually I try to get my workouts in before work by either cardio in the gym or a jog outside. I try to go to a muscle sculpting class like Body Pump once a week to keep things from getting too squishy. This year I have the goal of training for and completing my first half marathon, we’ll see how that goes!

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  1. Ahh, great piece! Mere rocks, love following her adventures & style on her blog :) xo!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful feature! xoxo


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