Going Glam for Valentine's Day

In honor of Valentine's Day, I thought I'd class things up a bit today. I hope everyone has a fabulous day filled with love and chocolates :)

You know me, I don't really get super glammed up that often. I used to get glammed up every weekend when I lived in LA but since moving to SF things have slowed down a little. I mean, remember when I dedicated an entire post to the one time I wore a dress?! 

When my fiance and I scheduled a nice little date night last weekend, I took the opportunity to go glam. I curled my hair, had my make-up done (I wish I could take credit for it), threw on a skirt and some serious baubles and out we went. I felt great and we had a wonderful time. It made me wonder, should I do this more often? Do you all still get super glammed up for fun nights out? Are you all getting glammed up tonight for Valentine's Day? If so, what are some of your tricks for feelin' like a million bucks?

Zara Shirt (similar), Fur Vest (similar), Dolce and Gabanna Skirt, GiGi New York Bag (c/o),
Target Necklace, Kiel James Patrick (c/o), Spike the Punch, AV Max and Hermes Bracelets, Adriana Orsini Earrings

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous here...Happy Valentine's Day!

    The Glossy Life

  2. This is such a fantastic look!! Perfect! Happy Valentine's Day!!

  3. I second the comment about the earrings, I have been shopping for awhile for some like those! Details please :)


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