Girl Crush of the Week: Staci Acquasanta of Leather and Leops

There was something about Staci Acquasanta that I just liked. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Was it her classic style with an edge? Was it her fabulous collection of sunglasses. Was it her ability to make my jaw drop at the sight of her wedding photos? While all of these things are very true, I discovered the real reason when I went to add Staci as a friend on FB. It turned out that she, like Allison and me, was a Miami girl! And was even in Allison's sorority. Talk about a wonderful surprise!

Staci is the force behind the amazing fashion blog, Leather and Leops. As a fan of both materials, our love of her blog seemed like a natural fit. Please join us in getting to know the lovely Staci Acquasanta!  

  • Style icon(s)? My style icons are Diane Kruger, Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller, Rachel Bilson, Jessica Alba. I could list a lot more but these days these are the women that inspire my everyday fashion. 
  • Favorite book? I wouldn't say I have one favorite book. I used to read a lot and unfortunately don’t do as much reading as I wish I could. Some of the books I’ve really enjoyed are The Beach House, The Castaways, Something Borrowed and Everyone Worth Knowing. 
  • Favorite perfume? Chance by Chanel 
  • Interior Design philosophy? Sleek, Sophisticated, Modern and a personal touch that makes your apartment/ house your own. 
  • Best "hidden gem" store? BigDropNYC- if I am ever on the lookout for the perfect outfit there is no doubt that I will find one here. 
  • Must-have beauty product? Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Lotion and all things Bobbi Brown 
  • Favorite song? Rosalita- Bruce Springsteen 
  • Secret addiction? Reading gossip magazines (I have a preference of order I read them in also) 
  • Motto/Quote to live by? Change your life. My husband says this and I now totally agree that if you want something to change, you have to take the action. No one can change your life but yourself. 
  • Favorite drink? Riesling 
  • My bracelet stack isn't complete without... My Cartier Love Bracelet, hasn't left my arm for 5 years except for my wedding day 
  • I get my sweat on by...  Soul Cycle

Isn't Staci the coolest?! If you agree, check her out on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Happy Friday loves!! Xo J


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