Brown Sugar Lip Scrub Recipe

You guys, a scrub is also an amazing tool for exfoliation. Duh. via
So, here's something about me: I am not huge on exfoliating. I know, I know. Everybody is all about the Clairisonic, right? Well, I had one when I lived in Chicago many moons ago, and I got so excited about it that I used it twice a day and broke out. I tend to go bananas when I like something and obsessively overuse whatever that thing is. Either way I threw it away like it (not my obsessive use) was the problem and haven't thought much about exfoliation since.

Until. A few months ago, my friend Erin happened to give me a tube of the Nicki Minaj for MAC lipstick that she hadn't liked on herself, but she thought might work on me. Sidenote, isn't it fun when girls do that? Anyway, I was a whiter shade of pale when she gave me the lipstick, but after a few recent weekends at the beach, I was feeling sassy enough to give it a go. While it was a lovely color, it made me take a look in the mirror and say for the first time, "OMG this is why lip scrubs exist!" It was bad. I immediately googled at-home lip scrub recipes and modified a recipe to use ingredients I had around the house.  

Well, once I had my new scrub made, I set about scrubbing my lips. Then the results were so great that I was like, they totally exfoliate during manicures sometimes, I'm gonna do my hands. Cut to Ben walking upstairs to find me with one of my feet in the sink of the bathroom off the kitchen, giving myself some kind of impromptu hillbilly pre-pedicure scrub. "This isn't a ladies' day spa" he said quietly as he walked away. "Get back here and feel this foot!" I screamed, "I made the best exfoliating scrub in the world and it didn't cost you a red cent!" Intrigued by the prospect of my interest in "free" beauty treatments, he came back and agreed that, yeah, my foot was pretty soft. 

I digress. The point is that this scrub is great for whatevs, but I'm calling it a lip scrub because that's its origin story. Or whatever. And now I'll get to the point and tell you how to make the scrub already. 

You'll just need three ingredients: brown sugar, honey, and coconut oil. My brown sugar and coconut oil are just your standard Trader Joe's brand, while my honey is super fancy (it's one of Oprah's favorite things...the definition of "it's like whatever"), and was given to me for Christmas by a fabulous foodie I work with named Susie. 

Start with 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Make sure the coconut oil is room temp, because if it's liquid or super cold and solid things are going to get pretty awkward here and I'm not sure what to tell you. Mash the brown sugar and semi-solid coconut oil up either with a spoon, or let's be honest, with your damn hands.

Once the brown sugar and coconut oil are all mashed up, add a little bit of honey to make the scrub a nice smooth consistency. I think I added about 2 teaspoons, but honestly, I'm giving you creative to just live out loud here and add whatever amount you think is right.

Et voila! I put my scrub in a little jar that we usually reserve for Ben's infused liquors and made a label, because obviously. Pictured with the scrub is the lipstick that launched a thousand scrubs. 

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  1. I made that exact scrub this weekend - too funny!

    I used that for lips and created another one for hands/rest of the body. My brother-in-law works for a vet and excessive hand washing is a little harsh on the hands, so they have a tub of exfoliate in the office. Coconut Oil and Coffee Grounds. Crazy good stuff and smells deliciously amazing.

  2. Bahaha! I love your GIF. I want to try this!!!!! xo

  3. Yes, yes, yes!!! I need a fabulous lip scrub and I am pretty sure I have all these ingredients in my household!! Can't wait to try!! XoXo

  4. Ooooooh I love the introduction to this post. So fab! And I will be trying this scaub out this very weekend.


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