Favorite Oscar Looks

This photo really doesn't do Kerry Washington's Miu Miu gown justice.
Absolutely stunning.

The ladies really turned it out for this year's Oscars. I mean, I'm sure they do every year but maybe I just started really paying attention this year? The styles were all over the place but in looking at my favorites, the bright colors and the metallic dresses stood out most to me. Here are my favorite Oscar looks.

Go on with your bad self Naomi Watts. 
This Armani Prive gown showed up Oscar himself.

While I wouldn't normally say I was a Halle Berry fan, I cannot argue with this amazing Versace dress. 
Donatella, while I question your plastic surgery decisions, I do not question this design decision. 

When I saw this Gucci gown on Jennifer Garner on the red carpet, 
my jaw dropped. How amazing is this color?!

Sally Field looking like one badass b in her Valentino gown.

An honorable mention goes to this faboo lady as well:

Again, the photo doesn't do this Dior dress justice,
but Charlize Theron looked amazing.

Which ones were your favorites?! Xo J


  1. Kerry Washington looked stunning, and that color was fab on her!

    The Glossy Life

  2. These were absolutely some of my favorites as well! I also thought Jessica Chastain looked amazing as did Jane Fonda's pop of color (and I also need her aging secrets stat!)

    Haute Child in the City

  3. Jennifer Garner is so lovely!! I absolutely loved that dress on her, the color is gorgeous!

  4. They all look stunning although I thought Halle Berry was a bit 1980's...


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