Wedding Planning 101: The Honeymoon

On the Monday after our wedding, TC and I headed off to our honeymoon in Fiji. TC planned and organized the whole thing while I was more focused on the wedding day. It was actually almost comical when everyone was asking me where we were staying and for how long and I didn't know the answer! It wasn't until the day after the wedding that I started researching where we were going, the temp, etc. 

Yes, this "seaplane" is how we got to our island. Well okay, how we got to an island where a boat picked us up to go to our island. 

The view of our resort from the plane.

Arriving at Navutu Stars.

A warm welcome.

An even better welcome- cocktails.

Luckily TC did the most wonderful job planning the honeymoon and where we stayed, Navutu Stars Resort, was phenomenal. Completely isolated (no seriously, we took three planes and two boats to get there) Navutu was completely relaxing and beautiful. We did a fair amount of reading on the beach but also went for hikes, visited the local village, went kayaking, snorkeling and even fishing (I know, I was surprised I enjoyed it too, being the vegetarian I am). 

I know, I'm a lunatic. Also, for the record, this was the first and last time we wore life jackets.

The resort was completely isolated on the island so everything was self-contained- the resort bar, restaurant, spa were our only options. Luckily, the food and drinks were amazing, the spa was wonderful and everyone at Navutu was so nice, including the guests. We made a ton of friends and even enjoyed several rose-fueled nights. It was the perfect place for a honeymoon and one I would recommend to anyone!

Our beachfront burre.

Some cute guy I met on the beach.

Kava night at the resort.

No hairdryer was used on this entire trip. Scary, I know.

Insanely good eggplant dish.

TC with one of his many fish.

TC with his Big Eye Tuna and Justin with his Mahi Mahi.

11 fish in total - 1 Mahi Mahi, 3 Walu, 1 Barracuda, 2 Tuna, 4 Rainbow Runners.

The caught Mahi Mahi for lunch.

Sunset in Fiji. LSpace bikini of course.

Another delicious dinner.

TC's crab dinner.

My beloved rose. 
Only available by the bottle, I would assume I bought at least six bottles.

Our trip to the local village.

Me and a friend. Photo credit: Brady Dyer Photography

Hiking around the island.


  1. Looks gorgeous!! Your bikini shots made me want to go to the gym, btw. Thanks for the motivation!

  2. Congratulations sweetie and you look fantastic! It looks like a wonderful place to spend the honeymoon in..;)
    Check out my latest post!


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