Lauren's Look for Less: Closet Essentials

Depressing newsflash: it's SEPTEMBER. Boohiss. As we enter into the autumn months, I always feel the need to stock my closet with cute basics that will last me through the long, cold winter. However, it's still gorgeous in Chicago and will be for another few weeks, so I want to find transitional pieces that I can wear now without sweating my tush off.

Reese Witherspoon is pulling off this 'transitional items' idea perfectly - dark denim, a basic white blouse and colorful heels.

I found some great, very reasonably priced alternatives to her Celine-accessorized look. Check them out below!

Gap Ankle-Zip Legging Skimmer Jean $70
Who does basic denim better than Gap? No one, I tell you. And at $70, it's OK if you wear them to death in less than a year.

H&M Chiffon Blouse $25

I love this H&M sleeveless blouse. It's the kind of shirt I'm always looking for in their stores, but can never find in the disaster that is an H&M. No longer a problem now that they have online shopping! This top is longer and looser, which we all know is sometimes necessary (especially when you're not feeling so skinny in those skinny jeans).

Zara High Heel Shiny Shoe $50
Not thrilled about the name of this shoe (shiny?? you mean patent leather?? you are a fashion company, correct?) but pretty thrilled with the price and overall adorable-ness. It would look awesome with the skinny jeans and blouse pictured above, and equally awesome with tights and a dress in fall.

Total price tag on this look? $145! Cha-ching. Thanks for reading, T&S lovers!


  1. I am headed to Zara this afternoon to check out some new pieces for fall!!


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