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Something to aspire to- Cait's gallery wall seen on her blog, Pretty and Fun.

Hi it's Ali from A Little Lovelier here guest posting for Julia while she takes some time off to get married (can't wait to see pics)! If you're anything like me, you struggle with filling your walls with decor deserving of an adult home. It's not that I have a picture collage on my walls ala college dorm. It's more like bare white rental walls, very bleh.

I'll admit it took me a while to get with the program when it came to making my space a home, but now I'm there and can't wait to pull everything together. Art is really personal and comes in so many different mediums. The only rule with art is to buy or make what you love. I tend to gravitate towards vintage commercial pieces, maps, quotes/lyrics, and DIY art projects. I hope to buy an actual painting or have one commissioned in the future, but until I can invest in that I'll be working with prints or things I make myself. 

1. Vintage Travel Posters: I know the word poster reminds you of a dorm or your teenage bedroom, but poster printing and mounting has come a long way. Besides nice looking frames, you can buy these prints on canvas or mounted to wood to give it a more luxurious look. I like the pops of color from these Cote D'Azur and Australia posters will add to my white walls.

2. Maps: These don't have to be boring, flat images. Maps can be traditional, illustrated, or artistic renditions. I would love a framed vintage city map for a living room someday, but to bring some fun into my apartment I am really loving this colorful illustrated map of Buenos Aires.

3. Subway Art: I'm sure you have seen these everywhere, but I think they are still great. I lived in New Orleans for two years and there is so much I miss about the city. This subway art highlights so many aspects of the city that I think a traditional picture wouldn't necessarily capture. Paruse Etsy for every city you can think or and personalized options too!

4. Quotes/Lyrics: Two of my great loves are music and books, probably because I am not that well spoken. Everyone has their favorite lines that resonate with them so why not display them as a reminder. I love this F.Scott Fitzgerald quote and the artist has beautifully illustrated it. Bonus: they are great conversation pieces!

5. DIY Art: Not a huge fan of what you see for sale? No problem. Since the advent of Pinterest, it's easier than ever to get inspiration for DIY art projects. Whether it's painting, making, or creating the possibilities for DIY art are endless. One of my favorite projects I found is this framed agate slice series. I just bought everything I need to make it, and can't wait to put it all together.


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