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Shhhhhh don't tell, but I'm wearing white pants after Labor Day. It's rather hypocritical of me considering I have always been so against it. Whether it's the Indian Summer in SF or just the jeans themselves, I don't know but I CANNOT STOP WEARING THEM. Don't tell my mother.

You know how I am adjusting back to having time and money again? Well, last weekend I went shopping and did some major damage. On my list? Printed blouses (trying to get more prints into my wardrobe of all solids), slouchy tees and sweaters, moto jeans and a new winter coat (more on that later). 

I picked up this blouse at H&M after Lauren's post here and couldn't resist this moto jacket from Zara. I mean HELLO IT'S BROCADE and PIPED LEATHER(ish). Plus, one can never have too many moto jackets in my opinion. 

Let's also talk about these Rag & Bone booties. After stalking them for months, I finally decided to pull the trigger. Sure, they are expensive but like moto jackets, one can never have too many pairs of booties, especially in San Francisco. They are super chic and also very comfortable. I'm obsessed and it would appear that I'm not the only one.


  1. Looove this outfit! The jacket is gorgeous and I need that top.

  2. I think white after labor day is a-ok. Especially when it looks this stylish (that jacket, swoon!).

  3. Those booties are divine!! I have been rocking white pants as well. We get a late summer in SF we need to take advantage!

  4. Great outfit! I love my moto jacket - and no, you can't have too many. :) I am saying screw the rules on white after Labor Day, unless it is a summery fabric like linen, so work it!

  5. You already know I love the booties, but I adore the moto jacket as well! Looks like I'll be doing some shopping this weekend! xo


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