Wedding Planning 101: DIY Banner

Remember back in this post when I said I wasn't really a DIY-er but that necessity was the mother of invention? Welp, it happened again.

In the craziness that is work + blog + wedding + relationships + whatever else a woman needs to balance, it only occurred to me one week before our engagement photo shoot that we might want some props. I scoured Etsy but it appeared I had waited too long to get anything in time for our shoot. You see, I wanted one of those adorable banners with our wedding date on it that, because they are custom, take at least two weeks. Undaunted, I said to myself, I bet I could make one of these myself.

Just like before, I hiked it over to Paper Source to get my materials. Can I just say how helpful the staff is at Paper Source? Sure, they totally try (and succeed) to upsell me every time, but they are saints. This is now the second time where I have walked in with an idea and NO CLUE how to execute it and they save the day every time. Bless their hearts.

I wanted the banner to be rustic with some sparkle (our theme IS Southern Charm right?!) so I chose to use the backs of the flags so that the background would cardboard and then I used silver tinsel and glitter.

First I measured and marked the height that each letter should be so the sizing would be uniform. Then I looked up one of my favorite fonts in Word and blew up the numbers to like size 150 (yes, they can go that big- who knew?!). I then eye-balled the font and sketched out the numbers lightly with pencil. The key here is to have a good eraser!

I then took the PVA and filled in the numbers. The PVA was very easy to work with and I only had to fix it a couple of times.

One at a time, I dumped the hell out of that glitter onto the wet PVA. The PVA dries very quickly so as soon as I was done with the third flag, I went back and started cleaning up the first one (aka I dumped all of the excess glitter from the first flag onto the fourth flag).

I cleaned off all the flags and let them dry for a few hours. I then strung the tinsel through the flags and TADA!!! Our fabulous wedding date banner is complete :)

If I can do it, anyone can!! I can't wait to see how it looks in pictures!!


  1. very cute! looks like an easy DIY too, good luck with the pics


  2. btw added you on GFC, would love if you could follow me :)

  3. JB, this is amazing! looks totally professional. can't wait to see the engagement pictures!!


  4. Absolutely awesome!! Can't wait for you to share the pics!!

    Haute Child in the City

  5. OMGGG I LOVE this DIY. So cute, anything with glitter catches my eye- but this is just lovely.

    XO Jenna

  6. Such a cute DIY! This is going to be so stinkin cute in your photos! XO

  7. Such a cute DIY that could be personalized for anything other than an engagement photo shoot too!! Great idea girl!

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