The Bedroom Project - Part 1

Our bedroom in it's current state (what you can see of it :))

I think that I have mentioned before that my interests center around three main topics- style, cooking and home decor. After spending the last year in style land, I've recently begun to refocus my efforts on our home. It probably has something to do with the wedding registry, and spending hours in the stores at which we've registered, but I find myself wanting to complete some of the rooms in our home.

As you all know, our living room is pretty much done. Our bathroom is also done and the entryway is almost there so that just leaves our bedroom and the kitchen/dining room. While I made some major headway last year when I scored the curtains seen here and made pillows and runners for the whole room, it still felt unfinished. I wanted our bedroom to be a casual, luxurious retreat, but it just wasn't there yet. Here are some of my inspiration photos, via Pinterest, of course:

We had been searching for headboards for awhile and finally found one we BOTH liked. I got some liquid courage earlier this week and pulled the trigger. I'm so thrilled we found something that worked for both us and the room. I think this light velvet headboard will really anchor the room. Here is what we got. 

I also picked up some fabrics during my trip to LA. If you follow me on Instagram, you already got a sneak peek. If I survive sewing them, I'll post the finished product :). That'll be Part 2!


  1. Nothing like a good home project to start the new year off right! Can't wait to see the big reveal! I love all of your inspiration pics! XoXo

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