This One Time I Wore a Dress

I mean, you guys know, I don't really wear dresses that often. Not that I don't own like 1000, I just am going through a phase where I don't really wear dresses. Kind of like when I went through that phase where I only wore J.Crew v-necks otherwise known as, the last two years.

Anyhooooo, the holidays are here and that means tons of fabulous soirees. When an invitation says "dress: festive" to me, that means a dress. On Saturday night I had two such occasions to wear a dress so I did what any gal would do, pulled out the three or four dresses I thought would work, tried them on, took pics and sent them to Allison to weigh in. Don't pretend like you don't do that with your friends too. Here is what I landed on:

Not too bad eh? Given the neckline, I just couldn't resist pulling my hair up into a sock bun. I threw on some pageant earrings (similar 1, similar 2, similar 3), a smokey eye and some attitude and called it a day. 

What are you all wearing to your holiday soirees? Xo J


  1. You look gorgeous! I love a good LBD and you are *wearing* that one! Love the bun and the earrings, too! x

  2. I'm OBSESSED with those earrings. I had a friend from my college days who competed in Miss America and after seeing all her pagaent earrings I officially fell in love with the bigger the better when it comes to rhinestones. They're just so fabulous!

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous! You can rock a dress, despite the fact that you don't wear them that often!

    Haute Child in the City

  4. SO pretty. xo, Julie

  5. your top knot is perfect! so flattering on you!

  6. you look like Paris Hilton ( pre-hideous plastic surgery )


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