My New Babyliss Hairdryer

RIP Hot Tools purple polka dot hairdryer.

Last Sunday night, I was going about my business and blowdrying my hair when all of a sudden, THE THING STARTED SMOKING! The smoking turned into sparks and that turned into a small fire in my hairdryer. Needless to say, it was time to get a new hairdryer!

It was a Hot Tools hairdryer and while nice, I wondered if I could do better in my next purchase. So I did what any sensible woman with a Facebook account would do and I posted it to Facebook. 

As you can see, the vote was pretty unanimous. Clearly I needed a Babyliss. I turned to Amazon and after a quick search I found one that looked good. Two days later (obviously this was an urgent need) my new Babyliss hair dryer was here! And let me tell you- it is awesome!!

My new BFF.

In true Julia Bayard fashion, I was too busy to make a blowout appointment for our engagement photo shoot until it was too late and they were all booked. So I watched a couple of videos, armed myself with my new Babyliss and some velcro curlers and got to work. I have to say that it turned out really well! You can judge for yourself when you see my engagement photos, but I think the Babybliss hairdryer did 90% of the work! I highly recommend it to anyone in the market!!

Happy shopping! Xo J


  1. How did you decide on this model? There are so many different ones online! I am in desperate need for a new one too but got overwhelmed by my search!

    1. Shannon, I just picked the one with the best functionality for the price. Ionic was important and so were multiple settings. I'm really happy with the one I chose!

      Xo J


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