Trendspotting: Rope Bracelets

Now I, like many of you, spent several of my summers in camp. Swimming, surfing, and sailing camp to be exact. Unfortunately, while fun in their own right, those camps were hardly the Wet Hot American Summer experience. If only Paul Rudd had been my swim coach....

Okay back to reality. The reason why I'm bringing up camp is because of a trend I've been spying all over town- rope bracelets. Talk about taking the friendship bracelet to the next level. A constant in camp/preppy culture, rope bracelets are the epitome of effortless cool. I mean, once I spotted the one below on Miss Blair of Atlantic-Pacific at the Alice + Olivia store opening, I knew it was time to add a rope bracelet to my arm party.

Blair of Atlantic-Pacific

So I've done some research and the ones I've selected below are my favorites. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles but I just can't seem to choose! So tell me T&S readers, which one is YOUR favorite!?

The Ropes (the brand Blair is rocking above)


Tory Burch

American Eagle


Tory Burch

Orly Genger

Kiel James Patrick

Or are there any other rope bracelets out there I should be considering? Let me know what you think in the comments section! Xo J


  1. You had me at "Paul Rudd." How I love that man! I am also obsessed with all these bracelets - I think the Ropes & the Noir might be my faves? Nice work, lady! :)

  2. Love the Orly Genger one. And love that its at Need Supply - in my current home town of Richmond, VA!

  3. Such a cute topic! Had to pin the images on Pinterest & brag about you girls :)

  4. I loved American "camp' and so quite fancy one of these.

  5. love all those bracelets!

    check out my blog! XO

  6. GAH! I am ALL. OVER. those Ropes. Merci. Sailormade also makes some cutes ones...XXOO

  7. love the noir and TB ones!! i mean, obvi.



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