10 Things Every Man Should Own - Blazer

Image via my new favorite Tumblr - Gentlemen Forever
Sport coat or blazer? Who knew that they were two different things? Not this girl. That is, until I started researching for this post. But since I assume that everyone is as unsophisticated as me, I'm going to just use the term blazer for both articles of clothing. I know, I'm outrageous!

Anywhoooo onto today's post, the latest in our 10 Things Every Man Should Own series or as I like to call it The Post That Tries to Convince my Boyfriend I Should be Allowed to Dress Him. Unfortunately, he isn't buying it so here I am, trying to dress every other guy out there.

For item number 5 on our list we have, you guessed it, the BLAZER. A classic number that has long been a staple in a man's wardrobe. Now you may be asking yourself why Julia is stating the obvious that a man should own a blazer? Well because, I see THIS far too often:
You know what the person who posted this image named the file? ItsHoboTime.jpg. 
No seriously. Even RPatz can't pull off the dreaded hoodie.
Now I get it. I own a hoodie or two myself. They're very comfortable and I admittedly wear them around the house (I know, I'm working on it). But what I do not do is wear a hoodie out to a bar or show up to a date in one. The hoodie is, like your old fraternity t-shirts, meant for the home only. What I recommend as a replacement is either a sweater or a blazer. Both are easy additions to an outfit and really elevate the look. But since you all already know all there is to know about sweaters, it's time to share some of my favorite blazers:



Brooks Brothers

Scotch & Soda


Polo Ralph Lauren

Special thanks to Mark Wilson for helping curate the blazer selection!


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