Product Review: Benefit Cabana Glama

Happy Spring everyone! It was in the 60s this weekend here in San Francisco and I couldn't have been happier. I know that's not really warm, but in SF its about as warm as it gets!

Given the warmer temps, I can't wait to bust out my Spring and Summer wardrobes with all the bright colors and patterns. I gave some of the items a test run this weekend and while I loved being back in a dress again, my lack of any sort of a tan left something to be desired. Now, a self-tanner will cure that for my body, but the area I was most concerned with was my face- I looked like a ghost!

I'm sure I'm not the only one feeling this way. Now that its Spring, many of us are feeling a bit, er, washed out, including my friend Kassandra who asked us for help. While applying self-tanner is a great solution, I know that some people are concerned with using it on their face. Plus, bronzing is only part of the issue- we all want to be brighter and more radiant too!

My newest obsession!
Photo Credit: Christy Lottie
Enter the solution. I was lucky enough to be provided Cabana Glama by Benefit, an all-in-one kit for bronzing and brightening your skin and banishing those winter blues. As Benefit is one of my favorite brands, I couldn't resist trying it! But don't worry ladies, my love for the brand aside, I gave this kit the Julia Crash Test for two weeks and can honestly say- I LOVE IT! 
The Cabana Glama kit includes a suite of products to bronze and brighten. It includes a bronzer, a light foundation, a lip and cheek stain (perhaps my favorite part), and three shades of eyeshadow. There is also a step-by-step guide to applying all of the products, which I found VERY helpful and easy to follow.

What I also love about the kit is that you can either use just the kit and be set up for success, or as I am using it, you can integrate the products into your daily makeup routine. I am mixing it in with my trusty favorites to transition into Sprint. I can honestly say that I will be using Cabana Glama all Spring and Summer!

My bad self rocking the Cabana Glama in full force!
Photo Credit: Christy Lottie
So ladies, the Cabana Glama by Benefit kit is definitely my recommendation for bronzing and brightening your skin to banish those winter blues. Do you all have any favorites we should also be checking out?

Xo J


  1. Great idea for face!!! I've been using the St. Tropez gradual tanner foam and i'm getting great results all over my bod, but my face is still white as a ghost. I've been using my bare escentuals faux tan powder on my face, but sometimes i feel like it wears off through the day, making me look splotchy, which is def. not cute. will have to check this out!


    1. OMG I LOVE St Tropez self-tanner, its so non-orange and natural!

      And yes, I def reco this product- I mean the Hoola bronzer is reason enough! :)

  2. Definitely try Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning. It comes in a little jar ($34/1 oz @ Sephora) and is great. It's so smooth to put on and doesn't feel greasy at all. It would *probably* be a good base under the Benefits Cabana Glama! It is NOT orangey or streaky at all. You will LOVE. Swear.

    1. Oh great tip Wendy! Do you use it for you face AND body or just for your face?


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