People's Choice Awards - The Good and The Not-So-Good

Pretty legit Allison Williams, pretty legit.
Rocking the cobalt again just like at last year's Emmys.

Anyone watch the People's Choice Awards last night? No, I didn't either but I DID go online afterwards and look and everyone's getups. My overall impression = MEH! Nothing too exciting although we can all agree that white is living beyond Labor Day. Here are my favorite looks:

  • Jennifer Hudson: What can I say, I love a good long sleeve dress and this is no exception. She looks classic.
  • Naya Rivera: I admit, I have a soft spot for my girl Naya. Although her usual style errs on the more risqué side of things, this look is totally sophisticated. 

Here are my not-so-favorite looks:

  • Malin Akerman: Total numbers of favors this dress is doing for her = zero.
  • Nina Dobrev: She's like 24, not 84.
  • Melissa Joan Hart: Why?

I want to know what do you all think? Which ones were your favorites and which were your least favorites?

Xo J


  1. I watched random moments of the show…but I agree I think Naya looked really great and I'm really liking her hair! I also caught Sandra Bullock's look and thought she looked really pretty as well!

  2. I loved Alison Williams (I mean, of course), and I actually thought Britney looked pretty good too!


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