Girl Crush(es) of the Week: Shannon and Allison of Itsy Bitsy Indulgences

Just like with Marissa, I came across today's Girl Crush(es) of the Week on Instagram. Now, I realize that may sound like I troll around, picking up chicks on Instagram, but I swear that's not the case. I courted these ladies for several months, following, liking and commenting, until I asked them to be girl crushes. Who are these ladies worthy of such attention? Why they're Shannon and Allison, two sisters who run the blog, Itsy Bitsy Induglences. They write about all aspects of their lives from food to fitness to fashion and believe that life should be lived and enjoyed in balance. Please join me today in getting to know them a little better!

Style icons? 
  • Shannon: Olivia Palermo, she strikes a perfect balance between classic and feminine. Whether it's the red carpet or walking down the street, she always looks perfectly polished.  
  • Allison: Blake Lively, Kristin Cavallari, Lauren Conrad 

Favorite reads? 
  • Shannon: My favorite classic is hands down Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. My more recent favorite would have to be Gone Girl. I also love Shape, Women's Health, and In Style. 
  • Allison: Fitness Magazine and war novels.

Favorite perfume? 

Interior design philosophy?
  • Shannon: I like a modern monochromatic look with splashes of color in my accent pieces. I also love to throw in a few 70's accents... gold rimmed pieces, deco and chevron prints here and there. 
  • Allison: I love a combination of modern and rustic- think big white kitchen with a big island in the middle... white cabinets, modern appliances, dark wood flooring, it's limitless!! 

Personal style philosophy? 
  • Shannon: Be yourself. Wear what works for your body. Confidence is the best way to rock any outfit. It really love the balance between classic pieces with feminine accessories. 
  • Allison: Be you- if you like it, wear it! 
Must-have beauty product?
  • Shannon: My Sephora instant de-puffing eye roller and Chanel Vitalumiere aqua foundation (it's super light and hydrating)! 
  • Allison: Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream and Chanel mascara.

Secret addiction?
  • Shannon: It's not really a secret that I LOVE Frozen Yogurt and Champagne.
  • Allison: Anything soft! I have poor self-control when I'm presented with blankets, soft sweaters, slippers, sweatshirts, etc... I just love to be cozy! And cheese... there's no better comfort food! 

Motto/quote to live by?
  • Shannon: "It's all been done but not by you." 
  • Allison: "Happy girls are the prettiest." Audrey Hepburn. If you make choices and are doing things to make yourself happy, that translates to others!

Favorite drink?
  • Shannon: Iced Tea and Champagne Cocktails.
  • Allison: Fresh squeezed orange juice and a Mai Tai (another secret addiction is anything Hawaiian).

My bracelet stack isn't complete without...
  • Shannon: A charcoal gray druzy bracelet given to me recently by one of my oldest friends for my birthday.
  • Allison: Always a watch, and a new J Crew black calf-hair bracelet (I told you I love soft things!)

I get my sweat on by... 
  • Shannon: Running and Spin... I also love a great yoga sculpt.
  • Allison: High Intensity Interval Training... intense circuits that incorporate cardio bursts with strength training.

Aren't they such cool gals?! Follow them via the following channels:


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