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As I'm sure you all have noticed, over the past nine months, I have shed some weight. Many of you have asked how I did it, so I thought I would share my workout plan with you all. A huge part of it has been working out and probably an even greater part has been changing the way I ate. If you all are interesting in the eating portion, LMK in the comments section and I'll write a post on that too :)

So, losing weight. You see, over the past several years, I slowly acquired the "love flub" - you know, the weight you gain once you start dating someone as a result of wine and cheese nights and dinners out. Slowly but surely I started feeling less and less comfortable in my clothes and looking less like myself when I looked in the mirror. With my wedding coming down the pike, I knew I was really going to kick myself in the pants if I looked back at my wedding photos with dismay. So I embarked on a journey.

I started working out with some serious effort. In the past, I had worked with a trainer when I needed to buckle down, but this time I wanted to do things on my own. I was a competitive swimmer all the way through college so I knew I had it in me, I just had to ease into it. I wanted to make sure I was changing things up to keep myself interested but not being so loosey-goosy that I gave myself too much leeway to slack off. I signed up for a local gym with my husband (because we all work out more when someone is doing it with us) and bought a monthly package at a pilates studio. It was time to get serious. 

Here is the plan that I used to get fit and what I am still implementing. Of course, everyone has their own path to getting fit so what worked for me may not be an exact fit for you. This is just to share what worked for me :)

I do two mat pilates classes a week as strength training. I have knee, shoulder and lower back injuries from swimming so it's great to find an exercise routine based in rehab. Because the studio is a little under a mile from my house, I run to and from class to get some cardio. Also, to change things up within pilates, I rotate through the instructors at the studio.

I must start by saying that not all spin classes are created equal. Some are focused on strength-training, others simulate real life cycling and others are pure cardio. What I do is pure cardio. I do one to two cardio spin classes a week. I have the best teacher ever who plays house music (check out all of his mixes here) and makes it actually fun to workout for 45 minutes (no seriously). Let me tell you, at the end of class I am always in a great mood and soaking wet with sweat.

Aside from running two and from pilates, I try to go on a run once a week also. If the weather is nice, I'll run outside or if not, I'll run on a treadmill at my gym. It's a great cardio workout and if you focus on your core, you can get some pretty nice abs out of it too. Right now I only run about 4-5 miles. It's hard running in this city though- there is only so much flat land!!

In addition to my regular pilates/spinning/running routine, I try to mix in a conditioning or TRX class from time to time. These classes are a great mix of cardio and strength training.

So what about all of you? Any workout tips?

Xo J


  1. Would love to hear about your portions. You look great!

  2. Yes, you look amazing. I have been in such a slump, and this was helpful motivation, thanks. I prefer variety myself to keep things interesting. I would love to hear about your eating/diet habits as well. Thank you for sharing.

  3. I was inspired by a friend and am walking/ running our local high school track and taking a strength training class which has been life changing. It is only a 45 minute class but full of all the right moves and I notice a huge difference in my energy and in my clothes.

  4. You look fantastic, I wondered if I missed a post on your diet/exercise...I'd love to see your nutrition as well.

  5. i love pilates and running, perfect way to drop weight and tone along with clean eating :)
    i'm doing the advocare cleanse right now and i'm seeing amazing results as well!
    xoxo, jillian

  6. You look amazing- please share your diet too! Where do you take spin? I'm looking for a great studio

  7. I love how you diversify your workouts! I love playing sports to get in shape. I play flag football right now and I play tennis in the spring/summer. My favorite class is boxing and I try to do that once or twice a week! I think you would like that too if you are ever wanting a change :)

  8. You look great - I'd love to hear about the diet too!

  9. You look absolutely fabulous. What I love about this post is that you give a full routine for a week's worth of exercise. I hate when people say "oh a little running, a little spin." I need a schedule! Can you do the same for diet/portions? Like a typical breakfast, lunch, dinner. Again, I hate when people say "you know, lean protein and lots of veggies!" That doesn't help me, ha! (Speaking of meal planning - your teriyaki glazed salmon with sriracha cream sauce is a staple in my house!)

  10. Ditto - you look great & thanks for sharing the details of your workout routine. Would love to hear more about the changes you made to your eating habits as well.

  11. Aside from the fact that you are doing good on your journey to keeping fit, you're also doing great in serving as an inspiration to others who are wishing to get fit as well. These slogans can motivate people in and of itself, couple that with your firsthand experience with all these routines, and there'd be more and more people who'll be getting on their feet to finally work their way to fitness. And as for the workout tips, variety in the routine will keep it entertaining, so mixing it up with something new from time to time will be greatly beneficial.
    Berta @ Fitness Together

  12. I am also agree with you that Yoga is not easy thing. People need to take daily exercise to change their fitness. Thank you to sharing workout routine that will helpful for more people who want to be become more fit. Thanks.


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