Fall Entertaining

This past weekend I got to do something I haven't really been able to since before I was engaged- entertain! TC and I both love to entertain but with planning a wedding, the idea of planning anything else seemed too much. So, now that we're married (not to mention fully stocked with new housewares off our registry), its game on.

Every couple of months, one of my girlfriends hosts a "girls dinner," a potluck, girls-only type affair at their house. This month, it was my turn and I was so excited. I got to bust out my new linens, flatware, glassware and tableware for the occasion and, in the spirit of the season, added some seasonal touches.

For the seasonal touches, I wanted them to be just that, touches, and nothing cheesy. I picked up some mini pumpkins to use as place cards and a bouquet of dahlias, roses and berries for the centerpiece. Those two touches, paired with my new table wear, were the perfect nod to fall.

In terms of menu items, we started out with an Italian salad (recipe here) and then moved on to a heavenly butternut squash lasagna. For dessert, we feasted on strawberry chiffon cake and chocolate bread putting. 

Yum yum yummy Italian salad.

Heavenly butternut squash lasagna.
I think I'm going to try this related recipe this week bc I cannot stop thinking about it!

I had two servings of the bread pudding- it was freaking amazing!!

Ps- looking for more festive decor inspiration? Follow my Holiday Decor board on Pinterest.


  1. The table is so charming–what a fun dinner!

  2. Your "tablescape" is so beautiful! Not too Halloween-y as it can be with too much orange, just autumnal enough. It really looks pretty. Thank you for sharing photos!

  3. Julia that flower arrangement is to die for. I wish you lived on this coast!

  4. I absolutely love your placesetting! Would you mind sharing whom it's by?

  5. Small table lamps are the perfect addition to literally any room in your house!


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