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As I recently discovered, I am addicted to Mexican food. How did I discover this you ask? Welp, after being out of the country on my honeymoon, the first, second, third and fourth meals I proceeded to eat were all Mexican. TC actually had to tell me we needed to cool our jets on the Mexican for a little bit. That was a sad day.

But I digress. Mexican cuisine, while delish, isn't the most healthy of things to eat. If I wanted to continue to eat it for every meal, something was going to have to change. My mission became clear- find healthier versions of my favorite Mexican dishes. Luckily Pinterest (follow my food board here) is ripe with these recipes so today I want to share with you three of my favorite recipes.

Summer squash, zucchini, corn, asparagus, garlic, shallot and cumin. YUM!

Roasted Vegetable Tacos
Holy eff these are amazing. I modified this recipe the following ways:
  • Removed the avocado cream sauce, not necessary and a fair amount of fat/carbs
  • Added asparagus bc I had it in my fridge haha, it was a great addition
  • Used these corn tortillas from La Tortilla Factory
  • While I was cool with just veggies, my husband is a carnivore, so he whipped up a half batch of this jalapeƱo pulled chicken in our new crock pot and added that. He was in heaven.
  • Covered that sucker in Tapatio. Spicy and delicious.
The jalapeno pulled chicken just cooking away in our crock pot.

Lettuce Cup Tacos
A spin on your more traditional tacos, this recipe allows you to use your calories/carbs/points for all the goodies inside the taco instead of using them on the tortilla. I've shared the recipe here. I usually roll with faux taco meat, beans, jalapenos and cheese in mine. So so good.

Apologies for the iPhone photo- I was in a hurry to eat!

Zucchini Enchiladas 
I'll admit, I was skeptical when I first saw this recipe but honestly I just really wanted enchiladas so I gave it a try. UM they are amazing. So creamy and yummy you forget you are even trying to eat healthy, which is a mission I fully support. Here is the recipe from Skinnytaste.

I hope you all give at least one of these recipes a try. They are all truly divine!

Xo J


  1. I'm going to have to try these out. I seriously could eat Mexican every single day and still want more. It's just so so yummy!

  2. Mexican is my weakness–I can't let myself have it too often or I'll go completely overboard!

  3. I dare say there is nothing better than roasted zucchini and squash!


  4. Those enchiladas look delicious! Thanks for the new recipe:)


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