Mixing It Up at Work: The Slouchy Pant

Here is the thing about work clothes- they have the very high possibility of being boring. Now, when I say "work clothes" I mean business casual and above. Luckily I work in a very casual environment so I don't have to dress up that often. However, I have recently been finding myself needing to dress business casual about once a week to meet with clients and let me tell you, it's a struggle. How does one look professional and cool at the same time? Obvs, I had to scour Pinterest for the answer.

After doing some searching, I discovered three articles of clothing that I think achieve the perfect balance of profesh and cool. They are the slouchy pant, the sassy skirt and the fitted sweater. Let's talk about the slouchy pant today.

The Slouchy Pant
Because I usually have to fly to visit with clients, I need options that travel well. In my searching I came across tons of ladies, like the ones above, looking legit in slouchy, drawstring pants. Pair the pants with a blazer and a chic heel and you're golden. Here are some of the pairs I'm considering.

What do you guys think? Is the slouchy pant profesh or just cool?


  1. Girl, I am fun-employed/freelancing. Any suggestions that are under $75??? xo

    1. Kass, there are tons of options at Forever 21 that look super cute!!

      Xo J


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