Hats Off

I will openly admit that I am obsessed with Brooklyn Blonde's style. Helena, THE Brooklyn Blonde, is beyond chic and I pretty much love every single outfit of hers. I may or may not have found myself copying her looks on more than one occasion.

If you follow Brooklyn Blonde, you know that Helena can rock a hat like no other. Floppy, felt or beanie, she always looks so cool. It should come as a surprise to no one then that when I happened across this grey felt hat in a vintage store that I just had to have it. Now, while I may not be able to rock this look in the office, I do plan on wearing it during the weekend when I want to look like a boss, which well, is all the time.

Want to rock the look too? Check out some of my favorite styles out right now:


  1. Amazing outfit. I also love the style from Brooklyn Blonde. She's an amazing blogger.
    xo, Petra


  2. Great hat! I've been looking for something similar for fall and love all your picks :)

  3. I love hats, but I haven't really had the guts to try them out much myself. This one looks SO pretty on you, though–I'm having serious hair envy!

  4. I love hats! Just got a great one cant wait to wear it



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