Wedding Planning 101: Off-Registry Gifts

I was once asked what my favorite off-registry gift was. I have to admit, that was the first I'd heard of the concept. I thought to myself 'why wouldn't you just order off the registry?' Well let me tell you, after receiving a few gifts that weren't on our registry, I totally get how awesome they can be! We have scored some really cool things that I would have never have thought I needed, but suddenly cannot live without! Here are some of the awesome off-registry gifts we received:

Monogrammed Cocktail Napkins from Mark & Graham

Duckhorn Wine Club Membership (okay, we didn't get this, but wouldn't it be awesome!?)

Ralph Lauren Wine Coaster

What about you all? Got any great off-registry gift ideas to share?


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  2. Ooooooh, you walk a fine line going off-registry! My hubby and I ended up with 20 wine glasses that we couldn't return since all were "customized" and "monogrammed."

    However, we did LOVE the personalized Christmas ornament we got!

  3. ha! you must have had a better experience with this than we did--i LOATHE off-registry gifts! we got two glass vases that are not my taste nor would i ever use and some huge glass bowl (that I'm sure is supposed to be art, but again, not my taste, and we live in a one bedroom apartment--I don't have the real estate for glass art). the only thing that we got that was off-registry was a buffet server that a friend gave me for her shower, and she only gave it to me because i was so effusive about loving hers! so there was no risk involved. otherwise, i say the only appropriate non-registry gift is cash.

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