Chicago Adventure

Last Wednesday, my fiancĂ© and I headed to Chicago to surprise his mom for her birthday and to spend the 4th of July with his family. It was a great trip full of family time, long bike rides, sightseeing, major barbecuing and a trip down to the city for dinner and drinks with friends.  

Here are some snaps from our trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden on Thursday. Please note, we rode our bikes there, which I consider no small feat at 7.5 miles each way, so please forgive the sweaty look.

See what I mean about being sweaty? Yikes.


  1. I adore your outfit here. I always love when people pull of scarves for summer!

  2. Way to get a workout in! Still looking pretty fab!

  3. You do not look sweaty at all! You look adorable! Loving the pashmin + tank top look. Also, rewinding back to your anniersary post- you looked amazing!!

  4. Great look for running around! Love scarf and boat shoes!

  5. Wish I looked that good after a 7 mile bike ride! So glad you enjoyed the Chicago Botanical Gardens - such a great escape from the city!


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