Captain Casual

J.Crew Vintage V-Neck Tee, Old Navy The Rockstar Pants, Gap Jean Jacket (similar),
Sperry x Milly Sneakers, KJP (c/o), Spike the Punch and Forever 21 Bracelets,
H&M Sunglasses (similar), Bauble Bar LOVE Necklace

Let's be real here- advertising is a totally casual profession in terms of dress. People wear t-shirts, shorts, jeans, Uggs, etc every day, myself included (okay not Uggs, those are not okay at work). Of course, there are obvious rules about covering up, wearing clean clothes and dressing up for client meetings, but aside from that, I totally promote a casual work environment. 

This is one of my typical work outfits. My trusty J.Crew v-neck, pants and flats. Don't get me wrong, I love a good heel, but heels simply aren't practical for San Francisco so I wear either flat boots, ballet flats, sneakers or loafers every day. 

You may remember these pants from this post. They actually were a little big so I ordered them a size smaller because, well, they were dirt cheap. God love Old Navy.


  1. I love a good casual combo–and these pants are awesome! Definitely something you'll get a lot of wear out of, all the way into fall and beyond!


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