Girl Crush of the Week: Amelia Canham Eaton of The CHICago Life

I am seriously jealous of everything going in here.

Power law student by day, incredibly chic blogger by night, you may remember today's Girl Crush of the Week from her recent guest appearance here on the blog. That's right, our GCOTW today is the uber-stylish Amelia Eaton who serves as one-half of The CHICago Life blog.

Both Amelia and her partner Samantha (spoiler alert- she may be next week's GCOTW) began their careers in fashion and now in law school, wanted a place to take a break from the books and talk style. We obviously love them because, well, THERE ARE TWO OF THEM JUST LIKE US, but also because of their impeccable, yet relatable style. Please join us in getting to know the fabulous Amelia Eaton!

  • Style icons? I’ve always loved Edie Sedgwick’s style.  I went though a phase in college where I was constantly trying to emulate her look.  This ultimately resulted in me having a buzz cut with bangs.  My hair was shorter than my boyfriend’s... it was a moment in time. These days I’m more inspired by the polished, with an occasional edge, looks Tom Ford and Victoria Beckham are sending down the runways.  Though my inner Kate Moss/Steven Tyler has been known to make an appearance on the weekend.

Major leopard moment happening here.
  • Favorite book? This is tough!  I was an English major, and my mother was a librarian.  My favorite book of all time?  I’ll go with East of Eden
  • Favorite perfume? My daily scent is Bronze from Nanadebary.  It’s a French line available at Barney’s.  It smells spicy and almost cologne-like.  I’ve always loved the juxtaposition of a strong masculine scent on a woman.   I also play around with Diptyque’s perfumes when I want to change things up.

  • Interior design philosophy? Interior design is one of my biggest passions.  I asked my fiancĂ© what he thinks my interior design philosophy is and he said “black and white”.  It’s true.  Our home is mostly black and white, but with bold graphic patterns... and a bright orange desk!  I like things to look eclectic and collected.  I’m always moving things around and swapping out accessories.  I’m currently very into antlers and horns.  I like things to look very gender neutral, but with tiny touches of glamour and femininity.  I also love it when a home has a sense of humor!  I’ve found hilarious accessories at Jonathan Adler, love a funny/ironic coffee table book, and have a Carter Kustera silhouette of my dog Lydia, that reads “one lucky b*tch”.    

  • Best "hidden gem" stores? Since this is a California-based blog I won’t bore you with too many local Chicago stores. I love to shop online, and always find great “hidden gems” on and I’m convinced I could furnish a whole house shopping nowhere else. When I do close my computer and head out to shop some of my favorite gems are:
    • Jayson Home- not necessarily a “hidden gem” since this Chicago store now has a huge national following, including many celebs.  You can shop online at but nothing compares to the experience of going to the actual Lincoln Park store.
    • SARCA- This women’s River North boutique is currently closed for renovations, and I’m counting down the days until it reopens.  It’s definitely pricey, but never snobby.  I hold out for their sales- which are unbelievable!  They have the best customer service you’ll find.  The staff is incredibly friendly, and always willing to go above and beyond to help even a budget conscious shopper like myself. 
    • La Belle Maison- This boutique is in my hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  They focus on products imported from France, and have everything from French antiques to beautiful jewelry.  I occasionally help out with some of the buying- so if we have similar taste- check it out!  

  • Must-have beauty product? I like to keep a bright (preferably red) lipstick handy, and these days it’s Rivera by Hourglass. Even if my hair is a mess and my other makeup is minimal it adds a hit of glam.  
  • Favorite song? Oh gosh, just one? ‘Lola’ by The Kinks comes to mind.  However, my iTunes disagrees, as my most played song is Rusted Roots’ ‘Send Me On My Way’.  I’m also a big Bob Dylan fan, loving that the 90’s is now a recognized genre of music, and have always kept up with rap and hip hop. 

  • Secret addiction? Breaking Bad! My brother, fiancĂ© and I are all addicted to the AMC series, and love to settle in for marathon watching sessions.  I like to think I know a good TV show when I see one, and this is the best I’ve seen!  A terminally ill high school chemistry teacher cooking meth with a former student- sheer genius! 
  • Motto/quote to live by? That’s a tough one! I guess it would be something about finding the humor in life. I’m a big believer that you have to be able to laugh at yourself, and look for humor in difficult and/or uncomfortable situations. “All I’m after is a life full of laughter”... okay, that last part is a cheesy quote I pulled straight off of Pinterest, but it’s true, no?

  • Favorite drink? I’m rather partial to beer. Nothing crazy- just your average, easy to pronounce, easy to drink, domestic beer. Or, as my dad refers to it when ordering at trendy Chicago restaurants... “regular beer”.  That’s how we roll in the Midwest.     
  • My bracelet stack isn't complete without? Easy. My J.Crew gold pavelink bracelet- It goes with anything and everything! It’s beautiful dressed up, but I love it most with an oversized watch, t-shirt, and boyfriend jeans.
  • I get my sweat on by? The combination of law school, work, and blogging doesn't leave much time for the gym. I actually cancelled my gym membership yesterday. I told them "I just don't use it enough," and the receptionist responded with "but according to my computer you live so close." Talk about a guilt trip! I try to make myself walk to school and work, and we have two rambunctious labs (Lydia and George) that keep me up and moving. However, when all else fails, I have been known to pop in a Jillian Michael's DVD.
Isn't she totally someone you want to spend the day shopping with? Tune in next week to meet the other half of The CHICago Life, Sam!


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