Design Envy: Daring Dallas Home

When I first peeped Elizabeth and Matt Midgett's home on Elizabeth's blog, The Now Stylebook, I legit gasped out loud. Homegirl painted black and white stripes on her walls and guess what- it looked AMAZING! Fast-forward to subsequent posts where she revealed other parts of her home, and I knew what needed to happen. I NEEDED A CLOSER LOOK! Something told me I wasn't the only one ;)

I shot Elizabeth (one of our good blogger friends) an email and asked her if we could feature her as part of our Design Envy series. She gladly accepted and is sharing her home with us today. Please join us on a tour of Elizabeth and Matt Midgett's Daring Dallas Home!

  • When did you all move into your home? January of 2009, I cannot believe it's been so long! 
  • How did you two approach the design? Was there a vision? We wanted an old home with updated interiors and after hunting for quite some time and a little bit of drama, we found our house. At the time, I wanted the house to be bright and bold and definitely took the reins on decorating. I depended on my Domino magazines and blogs {no Pinterest at the time} for inspiration.

  • Did you have to undertake any major renovations or was the home move-in ready? We haven't had to do any major renovations...projects of course are a different story. 
  • Were there any major challenges you had to overcome? My design ADD is definitely challenging. I will like one style for a year or so and then move on to the next thing. Because of that, I have to be very careful on what I buy {for example, we don't have drapes, art or dining room chairs etc..}. I've tried to hire interior designers, but have had a really hard time finding someone who will actually help us!

  • Were there any things one of you said 'ABSOLUTELY NOT' about? My husband has an insane collection of Pearl Jam posters and some are just terrible {in my opinion} so I ended up hanging the majority of them up in the garage. Marriage is about compromise right? I will come up with a crazy idea, and 99% of the time, Matt says, "absolutely not" and then lets me do it. For instance, our striped walls in the hallway and den. One thing he put his foot down on was painting our wood floors.

  • What were the mandatories in your home? Well, we are TV addicts so there was no question about TV's in most of the rooms haha. Also we needed comfortable and animal friendly furniture for the den. Since we spend most of our time in that room, we wanted super comfortable furniture to be lazy on.

  • What are your top two favorite things in your home? Elizabeth: Our rugs and our new couch in the den which I basically stole for $175!! Matt: The black and white stripes and the open layout.

  • Any design tips? Not that I follow this rule due to my design ADD, but I think it's best to decorate one room at a time. Use Pinterest and design blogs and magazine for inspiration and experiment.

  • Any last pieces of advice? Homes are never ending works in progress so don't feel stressed to get it all done immediately!

Want to get Elizabeth's style in your own home? May we suggest some of the following pieces? :)


  1. i love this series and Elizabeth's home is so fun. that blue sofa is one of dreams.

  2. So obsessed with Elizabeth's fabulous home! It makes me want to add some serious color and fun to our home! XO

  3. Love this feature Julia! It's so fun to see what people choose to do in their own homes and can't get enough of her black and white stripes!

  4. Those bold stripe walls are fabulous. I have sometime similar in my bedroom at my parents house!

    The Glossy Life

  5. Gorgeous E!!! Absolutely love the striped room!

  6. love elizabeth and this series - favorite part is the TV's being the big mandatory thing! love the striped walls.

  7. Thanks for featuring my crazy home girlies!!!!! I just love you guys so much!! xoox

  8. So beautiful!!! I love it! and ELizabeth! She has such great taste and of course her home is so beautifully designed and put together. COngrats!

  9. Isn't her house amazingly beautiful...I just LOVE her!!! Those black & white stripes are my absolute favorite...and the wedding blanket! XoXo

  10. Such a gorgeous home! I need to visit her blog and steal her ideas!!

  11. love it all! and your blog! so glad to have found via elizabeth

    xoxo navy & orange


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