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So, I have been obsessing over camo lately. As I grew up in the country (yeah, we have a tractor and a's like whatever. "We had a feeling you were probably raised in a barn" - everyone reading this), camouflage, in its functional form, has been on my sartorial radar forever. But I haven't heard the siren song of camo myself since high school, when I rocked an adorable pair of camo pants (from Abercrombie, duh) on the reg. Check out some of my fave finds, and let me know if you've spotted anything adorable that's not yet on my list! :) 
Hearts and Bows Vintage Army Camo Jacket
Tripp NYC Basic Camo Jean
American Apparel Leather Envelope Case 
Women's Camouflage Jacket - Army Surplus


  1. YES. not only did i also grow up with a tractor and a barn, but i was obsessed with my abercrombie camo pants. love this throwback!

  2. Emily! Yes! A kindred spirit! :) And look, Kate Upton is one of us too... ;)

  3. I just got this amazing camo ranger vest on Etsy! (It took forever to get here but so worth it!) It's super long and loose but it probably going to be my go to fall piece when I need to feel like a bad a :

  4. ok twins. i totally rocked camo pants in high school as well. and would right this second as well. i think mine were Billabong! i love camo and wear a camo tank i've had for years on the reg. i think a camo pencil skirt would be the heat.

  5. ok. comment bombing has ceased...for now :)

  6. Very nice collection, all camo stuff is really great, i never noticed that flats are also available in camo prints, will check for them in my local area market, thanks for sharing this.


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