How We Style It: Leather Jackets

Photo Credit: TJC
Ever since I saw Sandy rock a leather jacket at the end of Grease as part of her 'bad girl' makeover, I've wanted a leather jacket. The thing about leather jackets though is that they are expensive of course, but also elusive. Finding the perfect one takes some serious searching, but once you've found it, your life will never be the same. Sort of like finding 'the one,' but in fashionista terms :)

Go on with your bad self Sandy!

I found my leather jacket back in LA about four years ago. After months of searching, my friend Noelle and I walked by Ann Taylor and there it was. I could hardly believe my eyes- I mean Ann Taylor? Hmmmm. But Noelle urged me to try it on so I did, and it fit like a glove. The leather jacket has been mine ever since. 

I just love how versatile the jacket is. I've styled it below for both date night and daytime shopping with friends. I love how Allison has styled hers as well- I mean GOLDDDDD?! She is now the second person I have seen with a gold leather jacket from F21. Sounds like I need to start camping out there!

Ann Taylor Leather Jacket (similar), F21 Pleated Tunic (similar), Express Liquid Leggings (similar), 
Banana Republic Clutch (similar), DKNY Booties (similar)
Photo Credit: TJC
Photo Credit: TJC
Photo Credit: TJC
Ann Taylor Leather Jacket (similar), J.Crew Sweater (similar), BDG Jeans, Dorothy Perkins Ankle Boots
F21 and Rachel Zoe Necklaces
Photo Credit: TJC
Forever 21 Gold Faux-Leather Jacket, Ann Taylor Leopard Top (similar), J. Crew hunter green cords (similar), 
Michael Kors Odin Flats (similar), Marc Jacobs Quinn Bag (similar), Chanel Sunnies (similar) 
Photo Credit: Ben McDonald
Photo Credit: Ben McDonald

Here are some fab leather jackets out there right now, you know, for whomever is looking :)

Now that I've got your shopping for a new leather jacket, let's shop for some ankle booties! Check out our guest post on The Now today!!

Xo J


  1. Love the leather Ann Taylor jacket - so so classic!

  2. Loving the Ann Taylor. Sooooo Rick Owen.

  3. Loving both of your leather duds!! I really want to invest in one but I haven't found the perfect one yet! You are totally right that it takes a lot of searching...hope I find one before summer comes back around! haha



  4. I am soooooooooooo glad that I came across your blog its beyond fantastic. The concept of two friends doing a blog must be so much fun and I absolutely love the series week of the crush girl. Great interviews with lovely bloggers.
    I just recently purchased a leather jacket from zara that I am absolutely obsessed with, its exactly how you described it, I have the feeling its THE ONE ;-)
    Your black leather jacket is so timeless and classic, love it. Also the gold leather jacket is pretty extraordinary and so different.

    You def have a new "honey Boo Boo child" from Germany muahahhaa ;-)
    You girls rock it, keep up the great work. I already spent so much time going through your posts.


  5. Well, the movie icon that comes to mind when I see a leather jacket is Selene from the movie “The Underworld.” Her iconic leather trench coat looks WICKED. But Sandy’s leather jacket looks awesome too. But what I like about leather jackets is the timeless style it provides. You can mix it up with other garments, and it will still stand out!


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