Heavenly Candles

Okay I will admit it, I am obsessed with candles. I have them in every room in my apartment and have them lit 9 times out of 10 when I am home. I of course love how they smell but also the mood they can evoke. When I am looking to relax, I love lighting one up on my bedside table and reading a good book. Or when having a party, I like to have a candle lit in our entryway to greet guests with a warm scent.

So which candles do I let best do you ask? As you can imagine, I have quite a few favorites. The first is the Provence candle from Archipelago. It has a heavenly lavender scent that I cannot live without. I usually buy this candle in bulk when it goes on sale at One Kings Lane :)

I also really love the Cleopatra candle from Tocca. It smells of grapefruit and cucumber and is great for the bathroom. Its a light, airy scent.

The third candle I'm obsessed with right now is the Pomegranate candle from Paddywax. I of course cannot find it anyone online to share with you, but as soon as it pops up someone, I will.

I think I'm also going to take the jump and purchase a Diptyque candle! I've heard they are of the highest quality so they last a long time, and they smell amazing. PLUS you can reuse the glass to hold pencils or makeup brushes to add a little glamour to your desk or vanity as seen below. I think I'll probably go for the Gardenia, Freesia or Mimosa!



What about you all- got any candles we all need to try?!


  1. okay, so yes, diptyque candles are amazing, because the jar is so pretty to reuse, but i don't believe they last any longer than any other candly. tubereuse, patchouli, baies, and feu de bois are my favorite, but yu can smell them all at bloomies and nordstrom to find the one you like. if you want a great candle that really does burn a long time for a decent price, check out henri bendel candles. i love the white pepper one, but they have a ton of other amazing scents!!


  2. I love candles too Julia! My favorites are Jo Malone: Gardenia and Orange Blossom :)

  3. SUch pretty pictures!! I absolutely love Diptyque candles...they last forever, they look cool and like y'all said, you can re-use the glass!! There is a store in Dallas that has seriously every Diptyque candle and I just go in and smell them all..Weirdo alert! xo

  4. Great idea about reusing the glass! Love these candles!!

  5. love the idea for reusing the glass. so pretty for a vanity!


  6. I'm a candle nut so here are my favorites!:

    Feu de Bois & Foin Coupe- Diptyque
    Balmoral- Cire Trudon
    Bob's Flower Shoppe & Water- Trapp
    French Tulips- Seda
    Beach House- Lafco
    Nerolir- Molton Brown
    Anything by Manuel Canovas but mostly Empire Celeste
    Bamboo- Nest
    Kyoto- Comme des Garcons
    and at Christmas, Frase Fir by Thymes

    just to name a few....! :)

  7. Diptyque candles are divine. I am want Mimosa. I have wanted to give Jo Malone and Voluspa a try.

  8. My fave right now is the Trapp Bob's Flower Shoppe scent - available on Amazon!

  9. I am the biggest candle fanatic...like you said it's not only the scent but the mood they can set. Back to the scents..my top 2 favorites are Diptyque BAILES and Capri Blue Volcano!


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