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Gwynnie fanning herself with a paw gorgeously manicured in Deborah Lippman's Hit Me With Your Best Shot 
Now, as far as nail polish goes, there are typically two types of people: one will try a different color every time they get a manicure, and feel delighted to have a fun change of pace!!! The other? The other will have one go-to polish that they know they love and that they always get compliments on, and in a frantic, sweaty, Hunger Games type situation at the salon will once in a while opt to try something different. And they will hate it. The second it goes on. And they will feel sad, sad, sad, just waiting for a few days to pass so that they don't feel like a jerk for getting their nails re-done with their standby immediately.

Can you tell which type of person I am? Duh. I wear Essie Waltz like it was formulated just for me. Overly courteous friends (Christina) have asked if I would mind if they got a manicure with it too, like I am Shelby in Steel Magnolias and my signature color is Essie Waltz.
Essie Waltz 
As seen in this "How We Style It" post
But. All that notwithstanding. I just love how a dark, shiny nail with a teeeeny bit of sparkle looks in the fall/winter. I love it. And since Lord knows there is nothing worse than a bout of mani-regret, I'm going to share my intel on what I humbly consider to be the most flattering polishes for fall. I mean, since I put in the man hours and all opening the bottle of every shade of dark polish at CVS, there's no need for all of us to do it at our respective stores. 

Down to brass tacks - I don't really go in for nail polish "trends." I don't wear black nail polish. Personally, I've found that a rich, chocolatey red-brown looks a hundred times better with my skin tone - knowing what works for you is so hot right now. I also love a dark neutral shade, after seeing OPI's "You Don't Know Jacques" on my fabulous friend Katie. 

My absolute favorite winter nail polish was made by Elizabeth Arden, until they stopped making nail polish. Quelle horror. It was the aforementioned perfect rich chocolatey red-brown, and struck envy in the hearts of many a lady on the quad when I discovered it junior year at Miami. That was my first hit of dark nail polish, and I've been excited to find new shades every time August comes to an end ever since - check out some of my faves below!  

2 coats Essie Wicked topped with 1 coat of OPI's Ali's Big Break 
via @doldermcdonald on Instagram
OPI Tease-y Does It 
OPI You Don't Know Jacques! 

Essie Wicked

NARS Bad Influence

Zoya Cheryl
Essie Mocachino 
As seen in this "How We Style It" post

OPI Germanicure
NARS Night Porter
Deborah Lippman Dark Side of the Moon
What are you going to be wearing on your gorgeous little paws this fall? Post your fave fall polish on our Tartan & Sequins Facebook page! And while you're there, like our page too (if ya haven't already) - our entire sense of self is directly tied to how many "likers" we have! ;)


  1. Great picks! I posted about a fall NP today too. Totally obsessed with Essie "Bobbing for Baubles"-- I think ya'll would like it too!


    xoxo, Emily

    1. Emily, I just LOVE "Bobbing for Baubles" - both the color and the name!!! :) Thanks so much for sharing your fave!
      xx Allison

  2. As soon as I knew which one I wanted to comment on, I would scroll down and see another and I lost track. I love them all!! I rarely get manicures and do my own nails even less than that but maybe that will be on my Fall Bucket list..get my nails done and use allllll of these colors! xoxoo

    PS The Now and new sponsor, Swirl, are hosting a J. Crew Gift Card Giveaway on the blog this week. Be sure to enter.

    1. Oh you are too cute! I have cut way back on mani's too since my husband started auditing our monthly bank statements...no bueno! :) And I am totes making a fall bucket list, stat!!! Since I'm doing my own nails now like a Poor, I'm posting a couple of my favie products (that have made my life easier that might help you too!) to our Tartan & Sequins facebook page!! :)

      PS - babygirl, you think I didn't max out on my entries to your giveaway already?! you know a J. Crew giftcard is like catnip to me!:) Swirl is awesome too, what a great find!!

  3. Oooh I was just thinking the other day about how I need to invest in some fall nailpolishes! Thanks for sharing!

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

    1. Hi Miss Hannah, so glad you liked the post! :) xoxo

  4. I'm really looking forward to darkening up my nails for Fall! Love all ofthe deep burgundies!
    ♡ Lexi @ Glitter, Inc.

    1. Thanks, Lexi! If you find any other great deep burgundy colors, would you share your intel with me on our Tartan & Sequins Facebook page? (http://www.facebook.com/TartanSequins) I absolutely love finding out what other fashionable gals are using! :) xoxo

  5. i am obsessed with navy for everything, including nails...it is one of my favorite winter polish colors. along with gray {i love me some neutrals}. Revlon's Smokey Canvas is fantastic. and for everyday summer or winter...Essie's Miss Matched is perfectly natural. i would like to branch out for fall and find the perfect eggplant shade.

    1. Oh, I just LOVE both of those!!! Great finds! :) I'll be on the lookout for eggplant shades for you! xoxo

  6. you saved the best for last. Im going to order Dark Side of the Moon for my little paws.

  7. So many gorgeous colors! I have got my sights set on quite a few colors from OPI's Germany collection and China Glaze's Safari collection! Right now I have on OPI Warm and Fozzie and it's such a gorgeous foil filled with browns, coppers and golds like the changing of leaves!

  8. These are such great selections for fall. I am a major mani-aholic so it's fun to have colors picked out ahead of time! The Essie Mochachino is a no-brainer and that Deborah Lippman Dark Side Of The Moon is a great alternative to the tired Lincoln Park After Dark.



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