Girl Crush of the Week: Heather Bien

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Any gal who styles an entire ensemble around a cocktail, is MY KIND OF GAL. Add in a heavy dose of preppy style (she shares our obsession with J.Crew) and chic decorating and Heather Bien of Pineapples and Pearls has stolen our hearts. Literally the first time I went to her blog, I found myself clicking next page repeatedly. 

Heather's inspiration comes from the years the spent as an interior decorator before making the jump into the non-profit world. Pineapples and Pearls' theme is classic style, southern living, and creative pursuits- basically all my favorite things! Learn even more about the fabulous Miss Heather in our Q&A below :)

Vibrant touches in Heather's home.
  • Style icons? Of course there are always the classic style icons like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, Grace Kelly. Of today's stylish women, I absolutely love Olivia Palermo's style... and does Blair Waldorf count?
  • Design philosophy? In interior design, I consistently go back to timeless styles updated in bright, fresh colors and anchored in white as the background. I love traditional silhouettes mixed with a bit of fun. My philosophy for personal style is to throw on a striped boatneck shirt whenever you don't know what to wear. It's a classic that makes you look instantly pulled together.  
  • Favorite book of all time? I finished The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin earlier this summer and it will truly change your perspective and the way you approach each and every day. I also love reading biographies of fabulous women (think Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, etc.) because there is so much to learn from the way they lived their lives. And there's always something to be said for enjoying an Emily Giffin novel on the beach. 
  • Best advice you ever received? Always use your turn signals (I'm an admittedly terrible driver.)
  • Favorite stores? J.Crew, of course. J.Crew has just gotten better and better over the past couple years and I have not been able to stay away from their stripes, leopard prints, and neon this summer. Lilly Pulitzer is always one of my favorites. I also love J.McLaughlin for their nylon/spandex dresses. I live in the Panama Wrap and the Emma for work. It literally feels like you're wearing pajamas yet the prints and shapes are totally office appropriate. I'd love to be the girl that knows all the hidden boutiques and new brands but I just don't have the time or budget for that right now - maybe someday? 
I'd say Heather is hooked on turquoise!
  • Dream place to live? Charlottesville, VA. I went to college there and fell in love with the Blue Ridge mountains, the beautiful farms, and the eclectic downtown neighborhoods. I'm happy as can be in Washington, DC right now but I'd love to end up in Charlottesville 10 years down the road.
  • The one product you're obsessed with right now? I've totally jumped on the BB cream bandwagon and I'm obsessed with Garnier BB cream. I'm typically a drugstore shopper for my beauty products and this one is such a bargain plus it makes your skin glow with minimal effort. I also swear by Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer. They're simple products that are perfect for my sensitive skin.
  • Biggest indulgence? I'm a total chocolate fiend, I can't say no to Mexican and margaritas, and I put Duke's mayonnaise on everything... of course this means I also have to indulge in ballet and yoga classes several times a week!  
Kate Middleton looking beyond!
  • Girl crush? Kate Middleton. She's poised, stylish, and beautiful.
  • Favorite song? I can't pick just one! Though if you get in my car, chances are you'll hear either Dierks Bentley, Van Morrison, or Justin Timberlake. 
  • Prized possession? My cat. I adopted her right after I graduated college (as soon as I lived in an apartment that allowed pets!) and she’s the cutest thing ever. 
Heather, in the middle, out with friends. Are those SHOTS I see on the table ;)
  • Current hangout? My front porch. Whenever I have a few extra hours I love to sit out there reading magazines, painting, or working on DIY projects. I also am always up for trying out new restaurants and bars with my girl friends.
  • Motto? Happiest girls are the prettiest. This quote holds so true. Everyone looks and feels better with a smile.
  • Best place on earth? Anywhere by the ocean. I've taken a few beach trips up and down the east coast from Georgia to Delaware this summer and I'm counting down the days until my next beach vacation in South Carolina over Labor Day weekend. 

  • Favorite drink? Bourbon and ginger. Every time I take a sip, it takes me back to crisp fall afternoons and football tailgates. I'm not too particular on this one, any bourbon that I have on hand will do. 
Some of Heather's jewels, available here.


  1. i always enjoy your girl crush features and finding great new blogs! another one that doesn't disappoint!

  2. What a fun post! I am visiting from Heather's blog and now following - y'all are fab!


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