Memorial Day BBQ

The starter spread at one of last year's BBQs.
There are few things I love more than a summer BBQ. And what I love even more is throwing one. My boyfriend and I began a tradition of summer BBQs last year and I can't wait to host our first one this year. 

With Memorial Day just around the corner, I though I'd share with you my BBQ plans- from what to serve to how to set it up to what to wear. I hope it inspires you to have a BBQ of your very own. OR that the very least invite yourself to one :)

So lets start with the important stuff- what to wear!! There are so many ways to go with your ensemble. Luckily for you, I have combed the interwebs and narrowed it down to two awesome looks.

Look one was inspired (as many of my looks are) by the oh-so-chic chic Olivia Palermo. I loved the pop of color from the green shorts and the elegance of the blouse.
How I translated it:

Look two was inspired by a picture that I found on Pinterest. I just thought this look oozed effortless chic. Plus we all know Allison is obsessed with her new denim vest so I had to throw her a bone ;)
How I translated it:
Tobi Macrame Day DressAE Jean JacketGorjana Foldover BagTobi Neon Cork SandalsBauble Bar Gold Leaf PendantBauble Bar Neon ID BraceletGorjana Coral Wrap BraceletBauble Bar Braided Bracelet Trio
I will admit that I was VERY TEMPTED to do one of the outfits centered around a maxi dress, but since I just featured three looks here, I thought I'd just recycle those. Lord knows I'm obsessed enough :)

And since Allison and I can never resist the chance to dress up and strut down the streets of Newport and San Francisco, we'll be sharing our own BBQ looks this week so stay tuned!
Okay so onto the actual soiree. What to serve? In terms of cocktails, I love to offer a signature cocktail along with beer and wine. We have a full liquor cabinet if friends want to make other drinks but as a general rule, I like to streamline things. For this BBQ, I am thinking of making this Governor's Manson Summer Peach Tea Punch that I came across on Pinterest. Instead of tea though, I'd mix in Sweet Tea vodka. Hold onto your hats!

In terms of food, I like to set out snacks for guests to munch on while we wait for everyone to arrive. You don't want people to fill up on these so I like to keep it light by putting out nuts (pistachios are my favorite), fruit, and veggies and dip. My friend Lauren also makes a mean spinach-artichoke dip that I love to serve when she's kind enough to bring it :)

For the main event, there are so many choices and ways to go with it! Last year we did a build-your-own slider station which was a BIG hit. 
The build-your-own station was great for guests because they could customize their meal and great for us because we didn't have to spend the whole party in the kitchen. We did the majority of the work before guests arrived and then just had to throw the burgers and corn on the grill and bacon-stuffed jalapenos in the oven. This year, I'm looking at doing a similar thing but this time including fried green tomato sliders. I mean, how delicious do they look?!
In terms of where to set everything up, I like to have multiple locations for people to serve themselves. So a drink station, snack station and food station. I've done it where these areas are all combined before and things get bottle-necked. This holds true whether your soiree is indoors or outdoors. It also forces guests to mingle :)
Drink station at least year's Fourth of July BBQ.
So that's the skinny on my BBQ plans, but what are you all doing this weekend?


  1. Your BBQs sound like a blast! I must try that punch. :)

  2. love the outfits you put together! and any party involving a mason jar is a party I want to be at! Can't wait for summer and many, many BBQ's!

  3. ugh, that looked like such a good party!!!! i really want to throw a cookout now!!!


  4. Great ideas! I think I may try the signature drink. For my BBQ this weekend among the normal fare, I'm doing watermelon, arugula & feta skewers and for dessert rolo cup cakes


    1. OMG THOSE CUPCAKES- DIVINE! Please share pictures with the rest of T&S on our FB page! Have a great time :)


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